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Emma Grede Shares Business & Mindset Advice

Fashion guru and Dragons Den star Emma Grede took to social media to share her business and mindset advice.

Emma Grede shares her advice for business & mental health
Emma Grede shares her advice for business & mental health

Question: How do you get started with no funds? Emma's answer: "I get the question a lot. I really think the best way to start a business is when you've got no money or very little of your own money because that is where you start to do unbelievable things. I wouldn't let not having much stop you from starting - actually, it can be a great motivator."

Q: How do you keep yourself motivated?

Emma: "I have days where I'm more or less motivated but for me it's all about having a long-term goal and keeping my eyes on the prize, because there are days where I don't feel like it and they're the days where I have to think 'what am I actually going for?'. Keeping your focus on the long-term is just so important.

Q: Do CEOs need to know accounting? Emma: "No. You don't need to know accounting, but as the CEO, you have to have a really firm grip on the numbers - always! The most important thing to get your head around is margins, get a really good grip on how much you're paying for goods. How much is selling good for and what's the margin in between I'm super dyslexic and I always make sure that I surround myself with people in my business who really have a firm grip on the numbers, so if you don't know, get to know of or find somebody else who does."

Q: What is one trait that all successful entrepreneurs have in common?

Emma: "Well, this one is easy the commentary is resilience. If you don't have resilience forget, it don't be an entrepreneur"

Q: What qualities do you look for when employing for your business?

Emma: "The qualities I look for the most are people that are as ambitious for the business as they are for themselves, I don't do one without the other."



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