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How Entrepreneurs Pivot During COVID 19

How Entrepreneurs Pivot During COVID 19

Given the current climate, many entrepreneurs across the globe have found that their product or service has been made redundant. The events industry has been one of the most impacted sectors since the lockdown occurred.

For young entrepreneurs, Joe Taylor and Elliott Rayne, the lockdown has heavily affected their business as they run a bespoke events company called 'EJ Events' and had some of their biggest events planned for around this time (including a big contract with the Royal British Legion), which of course, cannot happen now due to the coronavirus lockdown.

So, instead of admitting defeat, the duo decided that they will pivot and continue to provide a service to their network.

Here's how they did that.

For Elliott, he used his extensive knowledge of trading and cryptocurrency to not only invest himself, but to also help those looking to learn more. The young entrepreneur specialises in the market psychology and mindset, technical analysis, money management to name just a few.

This is all run under his newly formed identity, the investment chef, which aims to change the lives of young people by providing them with the freedom of having additional streams of income. This educational ecosystem fills the gap that traditional trading gurus can't, teaching people how to profit from the crypto markets in an affordable and exciting way.

For Joe, he has also put his extensive experience of working for a major marketing agency into fruition by developing his own social media marketing agency called 'E-Growth Media'. Based in Leeds, the agency helps small business with their Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

This is a perfect time for Joe to be helping small businesses as many entrepreneurs are trying to get back to their feet during these hard times.

It's great to see two young entrepreneurs showing such initiative and determination to pivot during the lockdown and continue to help others in similar positions to themselves.

If you'd like to keep up with Joe and Elliott's journey, follow them below:

@joe.taylor (Instagram)

@elliott_rayne (Instagram)

@egrowthmedialtd (Instagram)

@theinvestmentchef (Instagram)



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