If Only They Knew Joseph Valente, The Apprentice Winner 2015

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

After earning the opportunity to have Lord Sugar as a business partner in 2015, Joseph has rapidly grown his business 'Impra Gas'.

In 2017, Joseph parted ways with Lord Sugar after being the only Apprentice winner to have bought back the 50% share after creating a multi-million pound company!

Joseph is currently working to give a helping hand to others, with the 'Joseph Valente Academy' - which brings together highly successful mentors and tools to help budding entrepreneurs.

But how did Joseph start off in the business world?

Well, he left school at 15 & began working with a local plumber, putting himself through the 1st year at college.

After achieving a plumbing NVQ qualification by 18, he continued to work as a gas engineer.

It was around this time that 21 year old Joseph received Lord Sugar's autobiography, reading it for 3 weeks straight!

Because of this, he decided to quit his job to take out a £15k loan & started 'Impra Gas'.

Shortly after, Joseph saw an advertisement for The Apprentice & decided to apply... & well, to cut a long story short, he won!

One of the main lessons Joseph has learnt from Lord Sugar was patience!

We managed to speak to Joseph & get what he feels is his best tip for young entrepreneurs: "Keep positive & keep working!"

To find out more about Joseph's story, watch him on the #IfOnlyTheyKnew podcast: