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Suhit Amin, Young Cancer-beating Entrepreneur

Meet Suhit Amin, the 19-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Saulderson Media.

Suhit Amin is the 19-year-old founder of Saulderson Media, a Premium Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency based in Scotland. But Suhit isn't your typical entrepreneur...

At 16, a teenage Suhit was diagnosed with Stage 2A Hodgkin Lymphoma, a cancer that attacks the lymph nodes, but despite this, he battled through chemotherapy and deservedly achieved 6 A's in his Scottish Highers whilst remaining Deputy Head Boy at Hutcheson's Grammer School in Glasgow.

But that wasn't enough for this inspiring young man, as his illness motivated him to keep evolving and pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. So after spending some time working in influencer marketing at the world's biggest eSports company (ESL), he decided to risk it all to set up Saulderson Media in July 2018.

"If I wasn’t alive in a years’ time, I would want to go out doing something big and what I love"

The Saulderson team are exclusively managing a roster of high profile social influencers who rack up millions of impressions monthly! As well as this, they also help brands with creative campaigns to boost their presence, utilising an extensive list of influencers. Suhit's company initially started with a focus in the gaming and esports industries. Since then they have diversified and now span across all different types of influencer marketing verticals. All of which has seen the agency a become a 6 figure business within less than 6 months of starting up.

However, the success doesn't end there as Suhit has gone on to win countless awards, from the 'UK's Young Social Media Marketer of the Year Award 2018', to the 'Most Promising New Entrepreneur in East Renfrewshire'.

Naturally, this has attracted the attention of many media outlets, resulting in Suhit being featured on BBC Radio as well as having many appearances on the TV as well as in newspapers - such as The Times.

Looking forward, the future definitely seems bright for this particular young entrepreneur as if he can battle through cancer, he can battle through any other hardships that come his way. Suhit is definitely one to watch...

Speaking to If Only They Knew (the hub for young business minds), Suhit shared the following advice for other young entrepreneurs:

"Every single young person has the capability to do amazing things. I truly believe that if you adjust your mindset to believe that you can do anything, you will find a way to do it. One thing I always say is, don’t let an experience, like the one I went through, be the reason you take action in your life or pursue something you want to do or are passionate about. Just do it. Whatever you believe to be holding you back is irrelevant. Go out of your comfort zone and try new things. Follow your dreams and your ambitions - not those of others. And don’t ever let anyone tell you that you cannot do something as if you stay resilient and really work for it, anything is possible."


To follow Suhit's journey, visit the links below.


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