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Important Tips To Know Before You Audition For The Apprentice UK

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

So it's that time again, The Apprentice UK is back!

Although you see the show late in the year, the application and then the filming process starts from the very beginning of the year.

In January I applied for The Apprentice 2019 (season 15), a few weeks later, I was then invited to the audition stage of the process.

Previous winners of The Apprentice stood behind Lord Alan Sugar
Previous winners of The Apprentice

The audition day is broken down into several rounds of tasks but some candidates are sent home after the first round if they are not successful. If you make it far enough, you will record a short video on the day - so be prepared for it all.

Here are some of my tips for your audition.

Audition Tip 1:

My first tip for The Apprentice audition is to talk, talk and talk!

This is crucial if you want to have any success in the selection process. Remember, this is not like a job interview in the sense that your CV and experience can positively outweigh your shyness, ultimately, this is for a TV show so if you're not TV-worthy (confident and outgoing) then you will be stopped in the very 1st round.

Audition Tip 2:

Due to the large amounts of people, it can take several hours to get yourself through the registration stage on the day. I arrived at 11:30am & did not leave until 5:30pm. Therefore, it's VITAL to bring food and drinks for yourself and if you want to make a good impression with some of the other candidates then perhaps bring something you can share with them - I brought bananas 🍌😂.

Audition Tip 3

This is one may seem obvious but in the application details the media team send you, they do not mention anything to do with a business plan. However, it is important to have a plan with you just in case you get through the rounds as one of the final rounds looks heavily into your business idea. If you haven't got a physical plan with you, then make sure you know your facts and how your business will work.

Audition Tip 4:

My fourth and final tip would be to use this not only as an audition but also an opportunity for networking. Bring some business cards, exchange numbers if you can (your not supposed to be on your phone) and generally just get to know as many people as you can - remember, the winner of the process could be sitting next to you!


Enjoy the process, take it all in and remember that only a handful get through and you can always apply next year.


If you enjoy The Apprentice, then check out our interviews with previous candidates on our Instagram or on our website.





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