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If Only You Knew

Access our high-quality resources to support you on your business or self-development journey. 

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If Only You Knew

Voted Business Management Platform of the Year 2023

Why choose us?

If Only They Knew is a multi award-winning platform that has been providing valuable resources for over half a decade.

We have featured in prestigious outlets such as ITV News, The Mirror, The Express and many others.

Our founder, Ted Lawlor, is also a reputable young entrepreneur that has amassed over 1,000,000 views on social media and has been nominated 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2023'. 


We have been trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs for over 5 years.


You will be guided by an award-winning, successful entrepreneur in Ted Lawlor.

Available Resources

Download a free guide showing you how to create the perfect press release. 

Press Release Guide

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This free guide explains what ADHD is and the tools you can use to help thrive with this under appreciated power.

How to thrive with ADHD

How to thrive with ADHD guide

More great resources coming soon...


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