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Press pause on life and find mental clarity.


Breathwork is a scientifically proven way to help you begin improving your mind and body, allowing you to start seeing clarity on your situation.

Try a virtual guided Wim Hof style breathwork session with fully-qualified Unconscious Mind Therapist, Ted Lawlor.

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There are many scientific studies that now show the various benefits of breathwork.

Mental Health


Breathwork can help you improve your mental health.

Physical Health


Take control of your nervous system & help alkalinise your body.


Breathwork can help you improve your clarity, focus & resilience.

Mental Clarity


Our ‘Manifestation Breathwork’ session will see you:

  • Be introduced to a powerful breathwork method

  • Set your intentions

  • Tune into your visions

  • Help you manifest change (mentally and/or physically)

  • Anchor a ‘trigger’ that can be leveraged outside of the session

  • Improve your mental clarity


This Wim Hof style breathwork session has a unique twist by Unconscious Mind Therapist Ted Lawlor, who also incorporates visualisation, Tony Robbins style 'priming' as well as 'anchoring'.

Breathwork is scientifically proven to improve your mental & physical health by beginning to alkalinise your body (moving away from an acidic state that causes illnesses) and starting to take control of your autonomic nervous system (which determines your body’s state & was long thought to be uncontrollable).

Manifestation Breathwork

🪙 Price: £35 | ⏰ Duration: 30 minutes |📍 Location: Online

Wim Hof

Wim Hom Method

We use a Wim Hof style of breathwork as the foundation for our process.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins Priming

We were also inspired by the 'Priming' method by Tony Robbins.

Robert Hisee

UMT Anchoring

Our 'anchoring' method is drawn from direct work with Robert Hisee (the UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist).

Please note, we are not officially affiliated with Wim Hof or Tony Robbins and do not intend to imitate their methods, we have simply used their methods as inspiration.


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I took part in the Manifestation Breathwork session and WOW! 

It really did help me to click pause on life, which was well needed after a stressful few months.


Thank you!"

- Jake H



- Emma C

"I will definitely come back for another session!

The feeling of being hyper-aware of my mind & body was surreal."



"After weeks of feeling like a Zombie (because of work & stress), the Manifestation session has made me feel ALIVE!"


Yoga at Home

- Jane G

"I'm now set going forward"

"The breathwork was amazing, but the anchoring of a trigger I can use when I feel down in the future is POWERFUL.

I'm now set going forward."


Yoga Teacher

- James L

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