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If Only They Knew Alistair King, Co-Founder of NOOD

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

If Only They Knew Alistair King, co-founder of pet food brand NOOD.

Alistair King is the young co-founder of New Zealand based pet food brand NOOD.

After getting a real taste of the business world through the 'Young Enterprise' scheme in school at age 17, Alistair knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur.

Alistair partnered with good friend Nick Mowbray to create NOOD, a cult brand in New Zealand that very quickly disrupted the pet food market (currently dominated by global giants Nestle and Mars) and sold out within weeks of launching.

More recently, the brand has sold over 30 million bowls of pet food across 4 different markets and has plans to enter the UK market, already securing a deal with Tesco.

On top of this, Alistair also did a fantastic TED talk that has been watched by many fellow entrepreneurs.

If you'd like to find out more about Alistair and his brand, watch his interview on the If Only They Knew Podcast:



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