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Best Podcasts 2021 UK

Here are the TopPodcasts for Young Entrepreneurs in the UK

Whether you're a young entrepreneur or somebody with a business mind, here are 5 podcasts that will entertain, inform and hopefully inspire you.

1. The If Only They Knew Podcast

The If Only They Knew Podcast is run by Ted Lawlor, the 21-year-old owner of a social media group called 'If Only They Knew' which provides content to inform and inspire both young entrepreneurs and business minds.

This podcast showcases young business minds from across the UK, sharing their opinions, projects and advice to help other young people who are interested in business. The guests are typically in their late teens, but the show also has strong links with candidates from BBC's The Apprentice. No matter who the guest is, the episode is sure to provide both value and entertainment to the listener.

If you're a young entrepreneur looking for advice and stories that you can relate to, this is the podcast for you.

2. Diary of a CEO

The Diary of a CEO is a podcast by business sensation Steven Bartlett, who is the 27-year-old that runs a famous marketing agency called Social Chain who have worked with huge names such as Coca Cola, Twitch, Pretty Little Thing and many others! Therefore, Steven is clearly well versed in all things Marketing and business, meaning that his podcast provides a respected account of what life is like as a business owner (CEO).

From mental health to sex, Steven explores all of the elements that a young entrepreneur will experience, making for an emotional yet inspiring experience with every episode.

3. Screw it, Just Do it

The Screw it, Just Do it podcast is hosted by Bournemouth-based Alex Chisnall and has been in the iTunes podcast charts multiple times.

The show has featured many big names, from Piers Linney of Dragons Den to the founder of Ted Baker, Ray Kelvin CBE. All of which have spoken in-depth about their entrepreneurial journey.

4. High Performance Podcast

The High Performance Podcast brings you an intimate glimpse into the lives of high-achieving, world-class performers who have all excelled in their field with first-hand experiences and lessons to share.

Find out what non-negotiable behaviours they employed to get them to the top and keep them there - hosted by Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes.

5. Pull The Pin (Grenade)

The Pull The Pin podcast is brought to you by Alan Barratt, founder of Grenade - the worlds' fastest growing sports performance/weight management brand.

Alan certainly brings banter to the business world, with his witty comments and a positive spin on most things, this podcast is guaranteed to make you laugh, smile and make you want to get out into the world and make an impact!


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