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If Only They Knew Ted Lawlor

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Ted Lawlor is the 23-year-old entrepreneur from Bermondsey, South London who took a different path than many others from his area and pursued his passion for business.


Like many young people from South London, Ted was no stranger to hardship. There were many days when Ted and his single-parent Mum didn't eat as they couldn't afford to get anything substantial in for dinner, as well as not being able to top up the dreaded electricity key.

However, as we all know, diamonds are formed under pressure.

Despite always dreaming of being successful, Ted wasn't too sure as to how true that dream would become and spent many years struggling at school and just at life in general! From being excluded from secondary school to feeling hopeless and suffering from mental health challenges, the South Londoner went through it all.

Even though he was often in trouble at school for being mischievous, he managed to pull it together when it counted and secured good grades - good enough to get him to University to follow his passion for marketing. BUT, it wasn't plain sailing as uni felt like a waste of time in the early stage as Ted still didn't feel that he had the confidence to pursue a career in marketing.

With that being said, the young student decided that if he wanted to gain experience, he'd have to go above and beyond. So in the first year of uni, he created a media group called 'If Only They Knew' that began creating content for young business minds and allowed the new entrepreneur to test his business & marketing skills.

A few years later and Ted grew the media group to a great level, gaining the attention of high-profile entrepreneurs from across the UK - such as candidates from 'The Apprentice'! As well as his newly formed reputation in the business scene, Ted also secured a First Class Honours in Business & Marketing.


Fast forward a while and Ted seemed to be a budding young marketeer ready to climb the career ladder, starting off a Social Media Executive for a small events company in London. However, due to a certain global pandemic, the young marketeer was made redundant and was forced to think of his feet.

This is where the entrepreneur inside of him came to light.

Fortunately, Ted had continued with his media group and was really making strives in terms of connections and developments, particularly with his podcast dedicated to young business minds (which you can listen to here).

This gave the entrepreneur something to fall back on and thanks to a particular link up with the UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist, Robert Hisee, Ted's life changed forever!

After inviting Rob onto his podcast, the podcaster knew this episode would be more than just a chat. After going back and forth in conversation with Robert, the lightbulb moment occurred.

Using Rob's extensive knowledge of the unconscious mind and Ted's experience with content creation, they decided to create 'The Manifestation Journal'!



Ted Lawlor is the host of the If Only They Knew Podcast which is the UK's #1 podcast for young business minds, interviewing up-and-coming young entrepreneurs and candidates from BBC's The Apprentice.

The IOTK Podcast acts as the bridge between getting attention on social media to appearing in the National Press, with many of Ted's guests going on to be interviewed on huge platforms such as the BBC.



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