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If Only They Knew Jemelin Artigas, candidate on The Apprentice 2019

After finding herself in the firing line and being saved by Lord Sugar in week 5 of The Apprentice 2019, it seems like a good time to find out more about Jemelin Artigas as she battles her way through the competition.

Jemelin is a 34-year-old South Londoner who came from a humble Venezuelan background.

Things have definitely not been plain sailing for Jemelin as The Apprentice hopeful was once homeless when coming to the UK at age 17. This did not stop the determined lady as Jemelin got cleaning jobs and handed out flyers in order to survive! The hardwork paid off as not only did Jemelin become a successful network marketing consultant, but she took the huge risk of taking time out of her personal and work life in order to pursue her passion of business and be on The Apprentice as many people do not really know how gruelling the process can be - with weeks of intensive filming and no real access to the outside world!

Do what your love, don’t chase a paycheque. Chase whatever sets your soul on fire and you will never work a day in your life.

'If Only They Knew' had the pleasure of speaking to Jemelin, who said that at an earlier stage in her life, she wished she knew that it's ok to make mistakes!

"It's ok to fail and to make mistakes that’s how we learn ! I didn’t know or wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do in life until later on ! Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to have it all figured it out that we actually forget to live , being so caught up in the future and what we want we forget to appreciate the present and be grateful for the things we do have and accomplish so probably will be to be more in the present while working on my dreams"

In the next 5 years or so, Jemelin wants to continue her success by running great businesses and helping others to do the same, whilst also inspiring people through talks and travelling the world.

"I love what I do as I help many people find the thing that many will only dream of and that is freedom and financial stability. My business is growing rapidly as times are changing and the model I have is the most wanted. I also want to inspire people through my talks and hopefully be somewhere hot, near the beach, travelling the world (which is another one of my passions)."

The entrepreneur reveals that she is developing a smartphone app for events, proof that Jemelin never stops working hard!

"I have a passion for solving problems, which is why I am developing an app for events that will revolutionise the industry solving many problems that no one has tackled so there is a huge gap in the market that this app will be filling!"

Best of luck Jemelin!



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