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Next Up 2021: Up-and-coming Entrepreneurs

Next Up 2021 - Top Young Entrepreneurs to watch in 2021

If Only They Knew is known as the hub for young business minds as we have showcased many young entrepreneurs for over 3 years now, some that have already had the fame and some that had not yet been heard of.

Now, we have reached out to our great audience to find some of the best up-and-coming young entrepreneurs doing great things in their field! So here's the Next Up list for 2021!

Next Up 2021 - Top Young Entrepreneurs to watch in 2021

Jackson Quinn & Charlie Morgan

From this duo, you may recognise Charlie from the TV, when a younger Charlie was kicked by footballer, Eden Hazard, for hogging the ball in a bid to help out Swansea FC in 2013.

Fast forward a few years and Charlie has partnered with Jackson Quinn to form the great entrepreneurial duo behind Au Vodka, the ultra-premium British vodka brand.

The brand has seen great success already and you can find an Au bottle in many different countries, stockists and in the hands of so many influencers - including Charlie Sloth, Fredo and Mist - and most recently at the GRM Daily Rated Awards.

Grace Vella

A younger Grace Vella made the decision to follow her passion for football and bring along as many female footballers as possible.

Being a footballer herself, Grace noticed that there weren't that many opportunities for female players, but there was a lot of judgement towards them.

This is the reason why Grace founded MissKick, a group that works to "unite the female football community under one representative brand and platform".

Starting off by selling merchandise at her local club, Grace has very quickly evolved the brand into a movement that is helping female footballers across the UK.

Lewis Baxter

Lewis Baxter has become an inspiration for many young people across the UK. After suffering from significant mental health issues, causing him to attempt to take his own life, Lewis then made a profound recovery and is now helping thousands of people stay in great shape mentally.

The social entrepreneur created the Chit Chat organisation to give Brits the opportunity to speak out - no matter the subject. Whether somebody wants help about their mental health or just wants somebody to talk to, Chit Chat is there for them.

(You can listen to our chat with Lewis on the #IfOnlyTheyKnew podcast, here)

Sophie Taylor

It is not often that young entrepreneurs get the opportunity to work with the highly successful entrepreneurs from Dragons Den, but Sophie Taylor is one of the lucky few that has got to pitch to both Peter Jones and Touker Suleyman.

Sophie Taylor is the 21-year-old owner of Sophie's Iced Nut Blend, a brand that she has independently grown from scratch and had even won retail contracts whilst still studying at school!

The young entrepreneur regularly appears on BBC radio and definitely has a great list of connections.

(Listen to our chat with Sophie here)

Suhit Amin

Suhit Amin is the 19-year-old that not only set up a business whilst at school, but also battled Stage 2A Hodgkin Lymphoma - a cancer that attacks the lymph nodes.

Whilst achieving 6 A's in his Scottish Highers, Suhit set up Saulderson Media, a very successful Premium Talent Management and Influencer Marketing Agency based in Scotland.

As well as owning a business that grew to 6 figures in 6 months, Suhit has also won multiple awards and has featured in some great media outlets - such as the BBC, The Times and of course, If Only They Knew!

(Suhit also joined us on our podcast, you can listen to that here)


That concludes our shortlist of just some of the young entrepreneurs that you should keep your eyes on in 2021.

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