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Top 5 Best Resistance Bands

What are the best Resistance Bands for both Women & Men gym-goers?

Resistance Bands are a great tool to level up your workouts, whether you're exercising at home or in the gym. They have undergone a lot of scrutiny from those that are unfamiliar with just how much you can do with gym bands and the question "can you build muscle with resistance bands?" often pops up and the answer is, yes you can.

So, what are the best resistance bands for women and men alike? Well, here are our top 5 best resistance bands in no particular order.

Shreddy: Long Bands

Long bands are great for full-body workouts, so these long bands from Shreddy will be a great addition to your workout routine.

Created by young entrepreneur, Grace Beverley, Shreddy is a very popular brand with young women, which is why these hands are available in very funky colours such as lilac, yellow and coral.

Shreddy is all about sustainability, so each band is latex-free and also comes with a sustainable cotton drawstring pouch.

Each band costs £17.

You can view these long bands here.

IOTK: Mini Bands

If you're looking for a more targeted workout, mini resistance bands are a great way to precisely target particular parts of your body such as your legs.

Unlike some other brands, these mini bands come in a multipack of 5 with various strengths from extra-light to extra-heavy. The variation in strength means that you can pick a band that suits your abilities or specific workout as some of the bands will provide more resistance than others.

As well as being one of the only great quality multi-sets on the market, 25% of the profit from these bands goes directly to local UK charities.

These bands also come with a luxury polyester drawstring travel pouch.

Each set of bands costs £10.

You can view these mini bands here.

Gymshark: Medium Resistance Bands

Gymshark is a giant in the sports industry and is known for being an innovator in many aspects.

Their Medium Resistance Bands have a non-slip fabric material and they also come in a variety of great colours and patterns - including a light-blue camo looking colour.

These bands come with a black mesh travel pouch.

Each band costs £15.

You can view these long bands here.

SPRI: 3-in-1 Resistance Tube Kit

The SPRI 3-in-1 resistance tube kit stands out as it comes with adjustable band strengths as well as 2 handles.

Each band costs £33.49.

You can view these long bands here.

FitBeast: Resistance Bands Kit

Much like the SPRI kit, the FitBeast resistance bands kit also has various band strengths and also has detachable handles and grips - including an ankle grip.

This kit also comes with a travel bag.

You can view these long bands here.


Did we miss any or did we include your favourite bands? Let us know in the comments below.



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