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Meet Stevo The Madman

Who is Stevo The Madman? Stevo is an internet sensation, famous for his hilarious skits & comedy across the internet, such as those on his Snapchat (@stmm)
The online personality has built a huge following of fans who are called 'Spartans', as well as his own clothing brand based on that name.
Stevo has ventured into many other projects, like his podcast on Rinse Fm or the football based YouTube show 'Filthy Fellas'. ⚽️ The star has 50k subscribers on the 'Filthy Fellas' page, 217k instagram followers, 40k Twitter followers, 20m vine loops & a ridiculously big following on Snapchat & has been nominated for the 'Best personality' award from the 'UK Entertainment Awards' (go vote for him)! ... @ueawards 🏆
We're sure that Stevo's growth in the online entertainment industry will continue to grow, with more & more great projects being introduced & developed. Thanks Stevo for the crazy & entertaining stories on Snapchat 😂😅. It's all inspiration for people to do what they love!

Meet Stevo The Madman
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