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Amy Leary, Owner of The Cosmetic Tattoo

Meet Amy Leary, the 20-year-old owner of The Cosmetic Tattoo

Amy Leary is the 20-year-old entrepreneur that is proof that you can run a business whilst working full time as she runs a company called The Cosmetic Tattoo.

The Cosmetic Tattoo will look after all of your microblading and aesthetic needs and has seen huge success, making profit in their first month of business and has seen over 100 clients.

The entrepreneur from East Sussex wanted to started a business in order to replicate her fortunate upbringing for her future kids.

“I wanted to start a business so I haven’t got to rely on anyone else and be financially independent! Also I love meeting new people and having a gossip so it was a no-brainer!”

On top of running the business, Amy also works full time as a Marketing Manager, balancing both the 9-5 life as well as life as an entrepreneur. This naturally comes with issues as the business woman says that her biggest obstacles has been managing all of the bookings and making sure that she is on top of stock levels.

As Amy is such a young entrepreneur, it was only right the 'If Only They Knew (the hub for young business minds) spoke to Amy to find out what her advice for others would be.

The advice I would give to others starting the same business would be to ignore all the negative comments from haters and push through with what you believe.

If you'd like to follow Amy's business journey, visit:

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