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If Only They Knew Anisa Topan, Apprentice 2017 Candidate!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

IOTK had the privilege of talking to PR Fashion Agent Anisa to find out more about her journey

Anisa started off in the fashion PR sector the day after graduating from Central St. Martins.

This was helped by trying out PR work in a placement year for Channel 4’s OFF Schedule fashion guide through an agency Anisa loved!

From there, Anisa went in-house at Coco de Met then went free lance, covering areas from fashion to food to technology! 🍔💻

After her father passed away, Anisa realised how short life was & began pursuing her dreams of being an entrepreneur like her father was - hence why Anisa’s agency was set up in 2013! ❤️

Anisa was inspired by her Dad as “he was a total maverick”... always having a hustle on the go, from running a Jewellers in Hatton Garden, accounting, wholesaling watches & knowing KFC’s secret ingredient 😱🍗👏

His passion for business was admired by Anisa!

Anisa is currently in the process of pivoting her business & developing new plans... suggesting that something different is in the pipeline - “watch this space”! 👀👀


Thank you Anisa for sparing a moment of your time for us & good luck with the future! 🌟📈



@anisatopan @twenty5thhour



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