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Bugzy Malone's Top Tip For Success

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Who is Bugzy Malone?

Aaron Davis is better known as Bugzy Malone, one of the UK's biggest grime stars, hailing from Manchester, England.

Grime Star, Bugzy Malone wearing his chain
Bugzy Malone (Image from Trench, 2018)

What is Bugzy's story?

Growing up in Manchester in the 90's, Bugzy was involved in various troublesome situations but used boxing as a form of escapism. Since then, the grime star has become a huge advocate for young kids to stay on the right path by getting into sports, specifically boxing.

Bugzy Malone spoke to SportsBible about why he turned to boxing:

"I think I needed discipline at the time because I was getting into a little bit of trouble"

Why turn to music instead of boxing?

Instead of following a professional career, the skilful boxer put down the boxing gloves and decided to pick up the mic as this is where his hunger lied, the King of the North told SportsBible "there are few key components in a champion boxer and one of them is hunger. I've used my hunger up in my career in music".

What keeps Bugzy going?

Turning to music has proved to be a successful move as Bugzy was quickly gaining respect and recognition from the UK music scene, but Bugzy's career really blew up after having musical clashes with grime artist Chip (formerly known as Chipmunk) as the UK saw Bugzy's skill. His success has allowed him to heavily invest in his training once again.

"I'm up at 7 and I've at the gym for 9, then I do a 6 to 8 round circuit and maybe 4 to 6 round sparring. Then some floor work for core, maybe some sprints"

What is Bugzy's tip for success?

Bugzy's workout routine is crazy, beginning with his healthy breakfast or shakes and consiting of various workouts and meals until the late evening. One of his motivations for adhering to this tough routine and also his tip for success is intimidation.

"I try to keep myself intimidated. I try to approach fear head on, I feel like that keeps you alert and aware. It keeps you going. Things like fear are key components in becoming a success. If you take them out of the equation then you become unmotivated and quite content, comfortable. That's a dangerous place to be if you want to be a successful person."
Bugzy Malone training in a boxing venue
Bugzy Malone training (Image from SportsBible, 2019)

"If you compare it to a computer game, you start on level one and level one is reasonably easy," said the Drama star. "And then you go on to level 2, it's reasonably easy. Level 3's easy-ish, level 4 you might die a few times and you find that the intensity builds up and by the time you get to level 10, you're savvy within the game."

Bugzy Malone has become a household name within the UK music scene, as well as entering the clothing market with his own clothing line "B Malone" which can be found in JD Sports - one of the many reasons he supposedly holds a networth of over a million pounds. Looking through Bugzy's Instagram is like looking at images from Grand Theft Auto, he has the cars, clothes and the house, but in order to achieve this he has had to stay very dedicated to his craft and never stop hustling.

Follow Bugzy on Instagram if you haven't already: @thebugzymalone

If Only They Knew Bugzy Malone...

This article was adapted from SportsBible, 2019



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