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Why Young People Should Invest | Chris Jelev

This is why young people should invest their money into their future!

As an example of why young people should begin investing their money, we will look into the story of Chris Jelev, the young entrepreneur that is making the rights moves to become a huge success!

Chris Jelev, AKA CJ, is the founder of the Millennials Club - a group dedicated to providing opportunities to young people, from hosting events to promoting job opportunities.

The group has been a huge success since its creation in 2017, gaining traction fast and capturing the attention of huge business influencers such as Joseph Valente from The Apprentice. The team has reached 700 members across 23 different cities across the globe.

But before this, Chris ran events via his previous company, CJ Events, which hosted parties for young people.

As you can see, the entrepreneur has always stayed active in the business world, this has allowed him to reach great levels of success, such as being nominated for the ‘Entrepreneur of Excellence’ award by the National Diversity Awards.

However, instead of spending all of his money on designer clothes and flashy jewels, CJ has wisely invested into not only his own businesses but also a restaurant called Meat House London. This is his first time buying a share of a business and what a great move to make. The restaurant, situated in London’s King Cross, serves steaks, burgers, drinks and shows the sport.

This should be what other young people should be aiming for if they’re serious about making money and/or successful moves. Rather than letting money sit in your bank (gathering little to no interest) or spending it on unnecessary things, you could invest your money into something. This could simply be investing into yourself, such as your health and wellbeing, in order to become the best you can be or becoming a stakeholder by investing into businesses. For example, I have invested into a company that utilises blockchain in a unique way and I have seen a lot more profit in a shorter space of time than I would have done if I left my money in my bank.

So, to the young people reading this, I urge you (if you’re looking to make the right moves) to invest! Do your research, take the risk and invest.

(Only invest an amount you can afford to lose ;D)


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