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If Only They Knew Danny Carr, Boxer & Owner of Athletes Kitchen

Meet Danny Carr, Professional Boxer & owner of Athletes Kitchen

Danny ‘The Cannon’ Carr is both a professional boxer and entrepreneur, proof that you can professionalize your passions.

The 29-year-old hailing from South London has remained undefeated in both business and boxing, maintaining a perfect record for all of his 12 professional fights (with 4 KO’s) whilst also running a successful business!

As the son of a boxer (Paul Carr), there's no surprise that Danny picked up boxing gloves at age 10 and had his first boxing bout at 16. Paul never forced Danny to box, instead, it was something that he naturally fell into and allowed him to develop as not only an athlete, but also as a person. Danny then went on to have 42 amateur fights and recently won an area title after beating Lewis Adams in Maidstone, Kent.

Talking to boxer Peter McDonagh on the Journeyman podcast, Carr admits that being bullied at school was one of the main reasons why he wanted to progress with boxing, even though it was also a reason for him taking a year or so out due to poor mental health. Danny also suggested that he got into a bit of trouble during that dark but brief period of his life, but boxing, as well as a vision, helped to put him on the right track.

"I lost to a couple of people I knew I was better than and it was frustrating me, so I knew I had to walk away from it then, but I always knew I would end up coming back. Now, with every aspect of my training, I train like a pro should"

The ‘Cannon’ leveraged his passion for boxing by creating a company called ‘Athlete’s Kitchen’, which provides healthy pre-prepared meals that are designed to keep people on top of their game.

Athletes Kitchen started in Danny's home kitchen with help from his friend Sonny, the team did so well that they were putting out around 900 meals a week. They started off by making both prepped meals as well as the typical breakfasts (fry ups, etc). Danny was then contacted by a businessman in Dubai who then partnered up with Athletes Kitchen and opened a restaurant out there which lasted 10 months. Whilst in Dubai, Danny connected with MTK Global, one of the biggest management companies in boxing - who manage the likes of Tyson Fury and Billy Joe Saunders.

Danny’s business has become a favourite amongst high profile names such as Jack Charles and Dani Dyer from Love Island, boxers Ted Cheeseman, Dennis McCann as well as many others. The brand has also been linked with Manor Gyms, helping their customers with their diets.

Looking forward, the entrepreneur wants to scale the brand as much as possible, working with gyms and athletes to provide meals to as many people as they can.


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