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Student Stands Outside Tube Station With Sign Asking For Work Experience

Student, David Tyoember, stood outside Moorgate Station with a sign asking for work experience

This morning during the rush hour, London commuters travelling past Moorgate Station were met with yet another person asking for something. However, this wasn't the typical sales pitch that commuters are often confronted with. Instead, they were met by Imperial College Student, David Tyoember, who had a sign asking if anybody could offer him some work experience within the Asset Management sector.

Luckily, David caught the attention of Robert Toffel who took a photo of David and his CV, then posted it to LinkedIn. Within just a few hours, the post had gone viral, picking up attention from important figures within the Asset Management industry.

David has since been inundated with job offers just from comments on that LinkedIn post alone. However, if you do have a relevant job opportunity for David, feel free to reach out to him via email ( or on Instagram (@Tyoember).

"It is super important to be resourceful and try to think in an entrepreneurial way"

As you can see from his CV below, David is definitely not afraid of getting his foot through the door as he has a huge range of previous work experience.

Not only this, but David has been a follower of 'If Only They Knew' (the hub for young business minds) for a while now, proving that he has always had his head in the game and has been focusing on the right things.

He has also worked with a mentor that helped him learn a lot about himself and what was holding him back as his mentor was so honest with feedback - mentoring is something that David suggests can be very important in guiding young people to success.

If Only They Knew spoke to David, who explained that the reason he felt he had to go out today was because "it can be difficult for some people to stand out to companies and properly demonstrate the qualities they have on paper. I've been doing entrepreneurial things since Sixth Form, so I thought to myself - why not apply the confidence and entrepreneurial instinct I gained from those experiences to creating a path into the city for myself."

David's advice for those in a similar position to himself, struggling to find work, is that "when you are not from a privileged background, it is super important to be resourceful and try to think in an entrepreneurial way with respect to your city ambitions. Take advantage of the opportunities that various social mobility organisations are offering for development. If i did not do that, my CV would probably be a lot more empty.".


We, at If Only They Knew, are sure that David will land his dream job and continue to smash his goals as he has shown an extraordinary work ethic at such a young age.



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