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IOTK Podcast #42: Ella Ringrose

Ted's Takeaways from the podcast w/ Ella Ringrose

Ella Ringrose is the Irish Youtuber that has built a community of over 100k people by sharing her experience and knowledge of manifestation and self-development.

Here's what I learnt from our chat...

Vision Boards

One thing that I learnt from Ella was the power of vision boards! The Youtuber revealed some of the amazing things that she had manifested using vision boards, so straight after the chat, I set my vision board and hung it in a prominent position in my room.


Ella spoke about the vast amount of notebooks that she has gone through as she journals throughout the week. I learnt that journaling can be a great way to keep track of your progress as well as helping the visualisation process by "scripting" (simulating the feelings and thoughts of your desired position).

Anything is possible

There were so many things that I learnt from this chat, but the main takeaway was that anything is possible as we are the creators of our destiny. This statement really hit me as it made me realise that the only person that has been stopping me my whole life has been me!

With all of this knowledge at hand, I've now got a vision board, started journaling and I will no longer let anybody stop me from achieving my goals!


Full video:



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