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Meet Elliott Rayne, 19 year old entrepreneur

Who is Elliott Rayne?

Elliott is a 19 year old, serial entrepreneur, who was voted the UK's number 1 Next Generation Entrepreneur of 2019 by Enterprise Nation - winning a support package worth £7,500.

Elliott works alongside Joe Taylor (also 19), running events company, EJ Events. As well as this, he also works as a freelance website developer and also invests in crypto-currency.

What is Elliott's story?

The entrepreneur left school and went straight to Stoke-on-Trent for a 6 week intense course to earn qualifications in Telecommunication. From this, Elliott went on to work in the Telecom's industry, becoming a technical account manager. This role allowed him to gain expertise in delving and maintaining traditional TDM legacy and new IP voice networks, including the migration between the 2.

At 17, Elliott took the initiative to teach himself about Blockchain, a rapidly advancing opportunity for many entrepreneurs. Using the knowledge that he had then picked up, he began to invest in the long-term trading of crypto coins - something that he is still involved in today.

Elliott then paired up with Joe Taylor to create EJ Events in October 2018. The duo then entered a Dragons Den-style process hosted by Enterprise Nation, accompanied with a public vote, in order to win a prize worth £7,500. The founder of ,Enterprise Nation, praised the founders of EJ Events, saying "We love Joe and Elliott's determination and enthusiasm. Their fresh approach and in particular, their focus on social media stands them apart from their competitors".

Elliott's tip for young entrepreneurs

If Only They Knew spoke to Elliott, who said that his tip for young entrepreneurs wanting to be in a similar position to him (owning businesses and being involved in multiple projects) is to "just start".

"Just start. Not tomorrow. Today"

Elliott suggests that you don;t need money to make money, "you just need more knowledge than the paying customer". A routine should be used to build your future and bare in mind that the biggest barrier is you.

"Cut toxic people and barriers out of your life, focus on you and always be willing to help people"

Both Elliott and his company are progressing rapidly, so I'm sure that they will reach even more levels of success in the near future.

You can follow Elliott on Instagram here @Elliott_Rayne & visit his website here:



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