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Meet Gemma Hallett, founder of miFuture

What is miFuture?

miFuture is a company which aims to solve career issues for Generation Z, using a smartphone application in which users can apply for jobs, training, courses and volunteer positions.

It came about after the founder, Gemma Hallet, realised that in order to help the target market (Generation Z) then the company would have to listen to the young people and give them the control that they deserve.

Their goal is to help 100,000 young people move towards employability and prosperity.


Who is Gemma Hallett?

Gemma Hallett was a PE teacher and an international rugby player, but she left these passions behind in order to focus on miFuture.

After leaving teaching, Gemma spent 3 years looking into Generation Z and engaged with schools, employability projects, housing associations, schools, community first and PRU groups, spending concentrated time with the young people.

I absorbed everything; how they engaged with their digital environments, completed online tasks, their frustrations, and the barriers they identified. By involving them, I focused on the real problems and redefined what miFuture, the solution, needed to be.

After years of research, Gemma and miFuture adapted to their market with multiple changes: completely discarding some of their functions, changing to an app-only platform and ensuring the app has 1 clear and specific purpose - to help the user move toward employability.


Who better to explain more about the company then Gemma herself:

If Only They Knew wish Gemma and the miFuture team the best of luck in helping Gen Z find prosperity.



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