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Harry Daymond, Award-Winning Young Entrepreneur

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Meet Harry Daymond, the awarding winning 20 year old founder of Kart Kompany

It’s great to see the entrepreneurial spirit kick in for Harry Daymond at such a young age as at 15, after building a vintage cart with his Grandpa during the school holidays, Harry had a great idea.

This idea was Kart Kompany, a company that provides everything you’d need to make your event the best it could be - from sweets to cocktails, Kart Kompany has it all.

The young entrepreneur from Sussex continued to develop his company throughout his GCSE’s and A Level's to ensure that it became a success.

The success of the company has led to Harry winning many great awards, including a Gatwick Diamond Young Start Up Talent £50,000 prize fund of product and services - really allowing Harry to expand his business.

As well as the success of the business, Harry has also gone on to personally achieve great things, being listed on TransferWise’s Top 20 Under 20 UK young entrepreneurs, named one of the top 30 student entrepreneurs by Ernst and Young and has been showcased by the Young Enterprise scheme.

“This nomination means a great deal. I am privileged that Transferwise chose me for this award and the opportunities that have come with it.”

As well as business, Harry also has a passion for public speaking, being invited to many speaking engagements to inspire people across Europe by sharing his story.

’If Only They Knew’ spoke to Harry to find out if he had advice for other young people who are looking to become successful.

Take opportunities if they are presented to you, make them if they are not and always have self-belief

“I completed an apprenticeship alongside my business after college to gain some corporate experience, and then about 10 months ago came to the end of the apprenticeship. I turned down the job the company offered me at the end as I had to pursue my journey as an entrepreneur.”

Looking to the future, Harry will continue running Kart Kompany in the background, but he is also developing a new business venture, that will be launched July 2020.

As well as this, he is still following his passion of helping others by working with a corporate trainer/TedX coach to build a corporate training offering, as well as sharing his story through speaking, to inspire every generation of entrepreneurs.

If you‘d like to see Harry’s growth, you can follow him via the following platforms:

To hear more stories from young entrepreneurs, follow If Only They Knew - the hub for young business minds:



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