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Meet Jack Parsons, CEO of Big Youth Group

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Who is Jack Parsons?

Jack Parsons is a 25 year old, award-winning digital entrepreneur, public speaker and an all-round great guy. He has appeared on various platforms, such as BBC radio, London Business Awards and more.

Jack Parsons | Source: Forbes

Like many of us at a young age, Jack was not entirely sure as to what he wanted to do with his life but he knew he wanted to follow whatever his passion would be. He completed an apprenticeship, which is where he found recruiting and realised his passion for bringing people closer towards their jobs and goals. He left the apprenticeship behind him, now knowing that he wanted to do something great for himself whilst doing something great for others at the same time.

"My personal mission is to kick down doors for others to walk through"

Jack learned the idea and the importance of building a truly honest personal brand after reading an article by Richard Branson. From this, Jack started reaching out to individuals to begin his journey in the business world, however, nobody wanted to meet him. So, Jack used his initiative and took a photo of 2 cups of tea with the caption "great day of meetings"... but the truth was, Jack didn't meet anybody - but this was the only way to create his personal brand at the time. From this moment, his brand began to pick up momentum across social media.

The development of his online presence has allowed Jack to continue with his work, so...

What does Jack do?

Jack is the CEO of the Big Youth Group (BYG), which is a collective of youth-led services that aim to help young people become greater, whether this is by developing leadership skills or learning the art of building a personal brand, BYG helps young people develop the tangible skills that matter when looking for professional opportunities.

As well as being heavily involved with this venture, Jack also speaks publicly across the globe, sharing his story and his advice for those in similar positions to himself.

All of this allowed Jack to leave his family home at the age of 22 and employ a team of great people to join him on his journey, as well as fulfilling BYG's pledges:

  1. To create a community of 2 million 18-30 year olds

  2. To connect 400,000 young people to a work-life experience

  3. To create a virtual youth currency to help young people achieve more

  4. To build a digital marketplace where young people and businesses are connected in real time

  5. To accelerating the growth of 100 startups from young entrepreneurs

  6. To support 50 youth programmes, charities and campaigns to improve the odds for young people.

"We need to instil confidence in young people by praising the process, not just the outcome"

What is Jack’s advice for young entrepreneurs?

If Only They Knew spoke to Jack, who shared 3 of his tips for those wanting to be successful both in and out of the business world:

  • “Surround yourself with people who can enable your success”

  • “Things take time so don't panic or rush”

  • ”Be humble always”


If you are interested in following Jack Parson's journey, you can follow him on Instagram & Twitter via @JackParsons_CEO as well as Big Youth Group @BigYgroup

If Only They Knew wish Jack and his team the best of luck in their personal missions, as well as reaching their 6 pledges.

Ted Lawlor, owner of If Only They Knew.



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