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From offender to Selfridges supplier

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Jemal Peters, 30 Years old from South London, is the owner of Big J’s Kitchen, a company that sells street food! 🍳

Jemal’s father walked out when the young entrepreneur was just 7.

His mother also got seriously ill when Jemal was just 10! Going to school hungry & seeing everyone else with lots of things are a few of the reasons which drove Jemal down the wrong path! 👎

Jemal dabbled between selling drugs & working in a barbers, sweeping the floor. 💈

He spent his 16th birthday in a cell!

The real change around was when his daughter came into the world 👶

In 2012, he started the business with help from Sarah Willingham from the Dragon’s Den! 🐉 The duo partnered up after Jemal cold-emailed Sarah! 😱

This led to the brand dominating the London Cocktail Club kitchens - which is co-owned by celeb chef Raymond Blanc! 👨‍🍳

Jemal’s company has been a top 5 seller in Selfridges! 🏆

He also puts some of his profits into the ‘Or? Project’ which helps young offenders and young people on the verge of offending get into the world of business! 👏

@bigjs_uk @bigj_uk



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