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Meet Joe Taylor, 19 year old Entrepreneur

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Who is Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor is a 19 year old entrepreneur from Leeds, England.

Alongside his co-founder, Elliot Rayne, they run a company called EJ Events.

Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor

What is EJ Events?

EJ Events is a company that hosts premium events in England, providing a range of great bespoke events such as:

  • Student nights

  • International themed nights

  • Corporate events

  • Event launches

The team launched in December 2018 and have produced so many amazing events that they were recently crowned the "UK's next generation entrepreneurs" for their age group in association with TSB Bank and Enterprise nation.

They have also gained exposure within the press.

Not only do Joe and Elliot run a successful business, they also share their expertise with schools and colleges around Yorkshire with their public speaking days.

What is Joe's plan?

In the near future, Joe's goal is to run branded evenings in venues across the UK.

What is Joe's advice to young entrepreneurs?

If Only They Knew spoke to the 19 year old entrepreneur who shared his advice for those in a similar position.

Joe's advice to people wanting to start a business would be to find something you are truly passionate about. From this, you can work out what impact and change you can have within the world. This will then allow you to have an overall goal to focus on whilst bringing around change.

Also, Joe suggests having an MVP (minimum viable product).

"Don't be scared of being perfect. Being open to constructive criticism is key, it will help you develop as an entrepreneur"

Joe is clearly doing very well, running a great business at such a young age.

To find out more about Joe and his company, you can visit the following links:

IOTK wish Joe and his team the best of luck,

Ted Lawlor - Owner of If Only They Knew.



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