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If Only They Knew Jordan Adelekan

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Meet Jordan Adelekan, the 21-year-old owner of InspireDynasty

Jordan Adelekan is the 21-year old entrepreneur from London who has gained support from Yxng Bane, Maya Jama, Tulisa and many others!

But what does Jordan do?

The young entrepreneur runs a premium clothing brand called InspireDynasty, which has been running for 2 years.

InspireDynasty vows to offer the best quality and most value for their customers, perhaps a reason why they have gained the support of many high profile names from all areas of life, from actors to athletes.

Jordan has also appeared on radio, featured in blogs & magazines and much more to spread the word about his brand.

The reason he created his own company was to “show people that you can be a nobody from nowhere who was nothing, to become a somebody from somewhere who becomes something”.

The Young entrepreneur wants people to see the greatness within them, “if I can show greatness within me through my story, I believe that others will be able to see that if I can do it, so can they.”

“Ultimately, it comes down to how badly you want it”

Jordan spoke in-depth about his vision for the next 5 years:

“Within the next 5 years I know that I’m gonna work hard each and every day, without the daily goals being fulfilled I can’t reach longer term goals so my plan always consists of me taking each day as it comes and obtaining victory daily which will walk me into my purpose, my focus is more fixed on my day to day which will enable me to walk in to a greater future, one greater than I could even imagine”

“ Without the victory being obtained daily you can’t reach the goals long term that are further down the line & I plan to have my brand evolve into one that seeds are being planted in every country world wide, having an impact and changing lives through the testimony of the brand, ultimately I want this brand to leave a legacy behind that stands for many things and will be remembered for breaking glass doors and turning the impossible into the possible, the goal is for InspireDynasty to live on past my time and past it’s own time too”


You can keep up to date with Jordan & his brand by following:

@JordanInspire on Instagram

@InspireDynasty on Instagram



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