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If Only They Knew Lewis Ellis, The Apprentice 2019 Candidate

Meet Lewis Ellis, The Apprentice 2019 Candidate & Digital Marketing project manager

Lewis Ellis is one of the candidates on the 15th series of The Apprentice hoping to partner up with Lord Sugar.

In the 1st episode, Lewis unfortunately found himself in the firing line after losing to the girl’s team by a difference of less than £20! Luckily, Lewis dodged a bullet as Shahin Hassan was the unlucky candidate to be pointed at by Lord Sugar.

But what is Lewis’s story? Well, If Only They Knew spoke to the candidate to find out more!

The 28-year-old from Lancashire is a digital marketing project manager by day, but he isn’t your ordinary office worker by night. Lewis may also be known by some as a prankster as he was not only posting pranks and funny videos to his YouTube channel (LostBoyLewis), but he also fabricated a story that went viral in 2016. Lewis claimed to have accidentally ended up in Syria, after having got on a fishing boat in Ayia Napa - yes, people really believed it!

Nowadays, Lewis’s YouTube channel is full of interviews with entrepreneurs & business minds and has accumulated hundreds of views.

The “maverick” who doesn’t like following rules also claims to learn a new skill every 6 months - from motorbike riding to Ballroom dancing.

If Only They Knew spoke to Lewis, who shared more about his story and the advice he would like other young entrepreneurs to take on board.

One piece of advice that Lewis wishes he knew at an earlier stage in his life is that “everyone has an equal opportunity to make something of themselves and 9/10 although an entrepreneur might look like they have it all together, they’re learning as they go through success and failures”

“I really do want to reach out to students and show them that you can be yourself, you can have a personality and it’s okay to not know what you’re doing! Just set yourself goals, take every opportunity, and continue to push no matter what!”

In the next 5 years, Lewis plans to have his first “real” business within the travel industry into existence, “hopefully turning over a nice profit and reinvesting this into diversification”


You can catch Lewis on The Apprentice every Wednesday at 9pm, BBC1 or follow him via: Instagram

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