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If Only They Knew Marvin Morgan, Founder of Fresh Ego Kid & ex-pro' Footballer

If you've been into any JD Sports or House of Fraser, you're bound to have seen Fresh Ego Kid on the rails. However, not many people know the story behind this brand and that it was created by Marvin Morgan, an ex-professional footballer.

Marvin Morgan is a 36 year old footballer who was born in Manchester in 1983. Marvin had a passion for football, playing for over a decade with spells both in both professional and non-league teams.

Having an inconsistent football career with multiple controversies, such as when he was transfer-listed after frustratingly tweeting "Like to thank the fans who booed me off the pitch. Where’s that going to get you! I hope you all die." after a defeat, Marvin knew that he should start a new venture separate from football.

That is why Marvin created streetwear brand Fresh Ego Kid in 2011.

Fresh Ego Kid was made possible not only because of Marvin's vision, but also because of the free-time and capital made possible by a career in football.

"As a professional footballer you realise you have so much time on your hands. I was at training in the morning, finishing at lunchtime and had the whole day free"

Instead of spending his time playing video games, which he originally found himself doing, he took the leap of faith and began to follow another passion of his - fashion.

"I had to do something else. I had this passion for fashion and I wasn't afraid to experiment.

It was then that Marvin began creating in his bedroom with the help of 2 of his friends and then set up a website to sell his designs. The entrepreneur get working away despite criticisms from haters, even his fellow teammates attempted to shut down Marvin's plans, explicitly stating that they wouldn't support him.

The founder does admit that he was winging it in the beginning and that a lot of the things he was trying were self-taught. But this all worked out so well as he now has Fresh Ego Kid in major retailers and has the support of many major influencers such as Anthony Joshua, Dele Alli, Romelu Lukaku and many more. Marvin understands the power of influencers and can often be found giving out boxes of free items to those that support him and he realises the crossover between sports and music and how urban musicians influence sportspeople.

Looking forward, Marvin's plan is to have a show at London's Fashion Week by 2020 and at this rate, it looks like he may just do that.

"I want to represent the culture and what I bring to the table. This isn't about money for me, it's about the culture and how far I can take it"

Marvin Morgan shows how it's not only never too late to begin a new venture, but also the importance of never staying still and always wanting more.


You can follow Marvin and FEK's journey here:

Marvin: Instagram

Fresh Ego Kid: Instagram

If Only They Knew:



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