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If Only They Knew Michael McDonnell, High-Performance Mindset Coach

Michael McDonnell is a high-performance mindset coach that helps side hustlers take their business full time. The coach also suffers from cystic fibrosis and diabetes, which has made his life a real challenge as he was diagnosed with this at 2 months old.

Michael McDonnell

At a younger age, one of Michael’s friends, who also suffered with both CF and diabetes, had unfortunately passed away in his 20’s due to the illnesses. This hit Michael hard initially but then even more so when he was also diagnosed with diabetes in his 20’s.

“I got to a point where I felt like giving up”

Having these health conditions would be tough for anybody, but particularly somebody like Michael, who relied on his physical strength as he was a tennis coach and personal trainer!

Having been that close to tragedy, it was a major turning point in helping Michael transition into a motivational figure in order to help others who had been through tough times just like himself.

“Cystic fibrosis taught me to priorities my health and the power of habits”

The mindset coach admits that he always felt the worst in the room when growing up as his disabilities made him feel so different from everybody else, but instead of letting it drag him down, he embraced the difference by becoming an entrepreneur and starting a health business and podcast (called ‘Business On The Beach’).

However, Michael admits that he was concerned with the illnesses that constantly loomed over his head, but he battled on to ensure that he not only enjoyed life but also made a success of himself during that time.

“Too many people give the way out as a choice”

As Michael has such a powerful story, it was only right that If Only They Knew delved deeper into the mindset of this extraordinary individual.

If Only They Knew: What do you want your legacy to be?

Michael: "I want to make the world a better place because I was here. I felt amazing as a tennis coach when I helped kids and I’ve been chasing that ever since."

IOTK: What impact has being involved in business had on your life?

M: "It’s given me the confidence I never knew I had...having self-worth issues all my life until the moment I got validation as a human and an entrepreneur - that’s spurred me on to do amazing things and continue to this day."

IOTK: What's been the biggest obstacle you've faced in your life and career?

M: "Losing my friend who had the same conditions as me... losing family members. All the challenges business-wise and micro failures of my ability don’t even come close to losing people that are close to me."


Keep up to Michael's journey via: Instagram: @michael_mcdonnell11

Twitter: @M_Mcdonnell2

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