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If Only They Knew Michaela Wain - The Apprentice UK 2017 Finalist

Michaela Wain, the construction manager who's smashing her way through to the Apprentice 2017 final! 🥇

We had the privilege to speak to Michaela, a businesswoman from Bolton who is a current candidate on The Apprentice & owns many companies - such as 'Design and Build UK' which is a construction magazine with a readership of over 150,000 people! 📰

Michaela's TIP for YOUNG people who want to be an entrepreneur: 👩‍💼- "If they believe in an idea with their heart and work out a good plan, ensuring margins & numbers stack up - then go for it! Give it your all" 👏

And for those who have a sudden moment of DOUBT, the apprentice star says: 👩‍💼- "Work through it! Work harder, work smart & above all else... believe in yourself! People are capable of doing amazing things when they set their mind to it" 💪

Michaela says her IDEAL TASK on the Apprentice would be: 👩‍💼 - "Anything telesales based. It's what I've done all of my career. I'm confident with it. I know I can sell anything and I think I would smash any task that I had to do that on!" 🔨📞

Last year's Apprentice runner up Courtney Wood says he would put Michaela in the final five! 🖐

Let's hope she does it! Best of luck Michaela & thank you for letting us ask you some questions! 👏

Is @princesswain the next apprentice for @lord_sugar ?



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