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Meet 16 year old Entrepreneur: Mohamed Ali Elhag

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

16 year old Mohamed Ali, is a motivational speaker who has spoke to crowds of 400+! 😱

Mohamed also owns multiple businesses: Trading, network marketing & a social media manager! 👌

Mohamed: 🗣 “Passion is definitely the word which describes my feelings for business. ❤️ I own 2 business trading &network marketing and also in the process of my building my third business which is a clothing line designed by myself and ready to be launched mid 2018. 📈

I am also a motivational speaker who has spoken in front of over 400 people and in powerd hundreds of people & now realising a hit with huge artists featuring in the video. 🔥

The main reason I have been successful in this industry is because I truly believe that you can not take 1 million in to the grave with you it’s all about how many people turn up at your funeral *HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU HELPED * because that’s what really matters !!!! 🙌

I put people before profits!” 🔑

Follow Mohamed here: @Momo.2018.n.l.a



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