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From Globe Academy to Global Star

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

French-born but London-bred, Octavian has now become a star across the globe.

If you haven't heard of Octavian, he is a musician that mostly dabbles in UK rap, but his music has been described by New York-based magazine 'The Fader' as a mix combination of house, rap and drill. His music has quickly gained the attention from music stars such as Drake, with the Canadian being filmed singing along to Octavian's 'Party Here' single.

Octavian Oliver Godji was born on January 22, 1996 in Lille, France, from a family of Angolan heritage. After his Dad sadly passed away, the family moved to Camberwell in South London. Octavian attended Globe Academy in Southwark and won a scholarship to Brit School for his talents, but dropped out within a year and a half.

In terms of his music career, Octavian dropped his first mixtape in 2016, but the popularity did not come until around 2018, as his tune 'Party Here' was slowly being picked up by pockets of fans within the UK music scene. This popularity then spiked when not only did social media giant 'IM JUST BAIT' begin posting Octavian's songs, but Drake also posted a video of him singing along to Octavian. This then led to Octavian releasing a hugely successful mixtape called 'Spaceman' in September 2018, which reached the UK top 100 chart and was number 35 in the UK R&B chart.

The mixtape was pretty much a statement, with Octavian recognising his fame and solidifying his position as a UK music scene icon. The south-Londoner now has songs with Skepta, A$AP Ferg, Yxng Bane and much more.

Moving quickly, Octavian has just released another mixtape ('Endorphins') to add to his discography and legacy.

This is proof that anyone from any background can make it to wherever they want to be, just keep working and your efforts WILL be rewarded at some point. I'm sure that this is just the start for Octavian.

Congratulations Octavian #EssiGang !



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