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How to Make a Podcast for FREE

The best way to record and distribute Podcasts for free

(you may want to skip reading this & go straight to a video tutorial on this topic by clicking here)

What is a Podcast

Podcasts are mostly audio files that typically include conversations or interviews, more recently, Podcasts have also been complimented with video footage of the conversation.

Despite the sudden rise in popularity, specifically amongst businesses, Podcasts have been around for many years now - with Google Trends showing that Podcasts initially came to light in 2003.

How to record a Podcast

There are multiple ways to record a Podcast, although these typically include using a microphone plugged into a computer to record audio via a software programme. Not only is this a long-winded way to record as you would have to add the multiple microphone recordings and then edit the audio, but is typically expensive as you are likely to need a good quality microphone as well as a good recording programme.

However, now you can use a smartphone application called Anchor Fm which allows users to record and edit Podcasts from your phone, eliminating the need for external microphones and editing experience.

How to distribute a Podcast

If you are an independent Podcaster, you may struggle with this stage as you would need to find a way to upload your Podcast to multiple platforms to ensure that it is universally available - but this is not easy.

An easier way to distribute your Podcast is perhaps by using Youtube if you have recorded the Podcast as it's the easiest platform to upload to.

However, if you use Anchor FM, it automatically distributes it to the main Podcast platforms such as Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Spotify - eliminating the need to upload individually. Moreover, you can download the Podcast episode in full and can also use Headliner to create Audiograms that you can then upload to social media platforms such as Instagram TV, Facebook and more.

Here's an example of a well distributed Podcast

Feel free to check out our Instagram (@IfOnlyTheyKnewUK) to see how I shared the Podcast as an Audiogram on both my Instagram feed and IGTV.


If you have a Podcast, feel free to share it with me and I will leave a rating and a comment (if possible). Also, I'd appreciate it if you could leave a rating on my Podcast, just search 'If Only They Knew' on any Podcast platform.



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