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If Only They Knew Samantha Hornsby & Mae Yip

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Meet Mae Yip & Samantha Hornsby, Founders of ERIC

Remember those boring career fairs that our schools made us go to, where we would just go round looking for free pens and squishy things, with no interest in the plain-Jane companies that were exhibiting? Yes, sadly we do too. Fortunately for the younger generation, there is a team that is making finding a career path exciting, this team is called ERIC.

But what is ERIC and who is behind this great brand?

What is ERIC?

ERIC is a group that puts on great career fairs that are fun, immersive and engaging festivals of creativity! Each event they put on is focused on a specific element of business, such as sustainability & wellbeing, allowing attendees to get a specific outcome with each fair.

ERIC stands for four principles that embody the team's process:

  • Empower

  • Represent

  • Immerse

  • Create

To find out more about the story of ERIC and the co-founders, listen to their conversation on the If Only They Knew Podcast here.

Who founded ERIC?

ERIC was founded in 2017 by long-term friends Mae Yip and Samantha Hornsby after feeling the frustration of traditional career fairs themselves. Because of this frustration, they wanted to test out a new style of career fairs in order to really empower the young people of today.

Both Sam and Mae were brought up in Oxford, England and because they did not have any strong guidance as to what careers were available for them, they both ended up in both situations and jobs that did not truly allow their creativity to be shown. Sam studied Law as she loved a good argument, so thought she may as well learn how to do it well, but ended up dropping out after a year. Similarly, Mae studied accounting at university and went on to work in the accounting sector and much like Sam, Mae also wanted out!

After spending a few years in the corporate world, the duo wanted to switch things up and created ERIC to help others that were in a similar position to them.

Today, ERIC Festivals have helped to empower tens of thousands of young people. ERIC is now on a mission to disrupt the recruitment industry by highlighting that traditional methods are outdated as well as enabling brands to improve their own employer branding and recruitment.

If you're a young person looking to find a career path that allows you to tap into your passion, get in touch with ERIC via:

For more stories and interviews with young entrepreneurs, follow If Only They Knew - the hub for young business minds:



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