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If Only They Knew Shahin Hassan, The Apprentice 2019 Candidate

Meet Shahin Hassan, The Apprentice 2019 Candidate

Shahin Hassan is the 36-year-old chartered engineer from Birmingham who will competing to be Lord Sugar’s latest business partner in the 15th series of The Apprentice. Shahin kindly spoke to If Only They Knew to share his advice for young entrepreneurs.

Like all of the 16 candidates, Shahin has the confidence needed to be involved in such a tough process. The candidate believes that his imagination & vision will help him stand out as just like his role model, Elon Musk, he “thinks outside the box”.

““I love business more than sharks love blood…I’m ruthless in my pursuit of success”

As well as being a chartered engineer, he has also had a successful run in the entrepreneurial world. As his website shows, he has ties with a variety of businesses, from venue hire to linen hire.

Unlike Thomas Skinner, who will also be on The Apprentice 2019, Shahin believes that sticking to & executing plans is the key to success, getting frustrated at those that don’t - so I’m expecting conflict between Shahin & Tom, who doesn’t like planning at all!

Speaking to If Only They Knew, Shahin says that the one piece of advice he wish he knew when he was younger was to not be “afraid of mistakes. The harder you try, the luckier you’ll get”.

Looking to the future, in 5 years time Shahin would like to “help develop new innovative technology to improve the standard of life for everyone” which is a great vision to have, let’s hope he can make that possible.


To keep up with Shahin’s journey, you can watch him on The Apprentice on Wednesday 2nd October at 9pm (BBC1) or follow him via:

If Only They Knew:



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