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If Only They Knew Teri Elizabeth Ellington

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Meet Teri Elizabeth Ellington, the 23 year old owner of Ellington Timepiece.

Ellington Timepiece (a company that sells premium watch collections limited to 100 pieces per colour in each collection) is run by Teri Ellington, a 23 year old from Teeside.

Teri had a tough start to life, suffering with mental health issues from around the age of 16. A condition called Agoraphobia left her unable to leave her house without experiencing an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. Fortunately, Teri was introduced to a therapy dog called Sheba, which changed the young lady's life around.

“As a teenager unable to leave my home, I could never have believed I would be where I am today. I hope people are inspired by my story and by Ellington Timepiece”

Eventually, after rebuilding herself, the Teeside resident then went on to design her own bespoke, limited edition watch line after being inspired by her Grandad's love of watches. This was the beginning of Ellington Timepiece.

The company was started in Teri's bedroom in 2017 with just £80 in the bank, then moved to her garage and now, Teri has recently moved into her own office.

In honour of the German Shepherd that changed her life, Teri named her first collection of 300 watches, Sheba. After great success, a 2nd collection called Amare was also introduced.

Fortunately, Teri successfully received a loan of £35,000 from Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, allowing the young entrepreneur to launch a new website, take on professional marketing support and begin introducing new collections to the company's portfolio.

“Since the launch of the timepieces I have been in House of Fraser with them and seen sales way beyond my initial expectations”

Ellington Timepiece has done so well, appearing in stores such as House of Fraser, Hillier Jewellers and Master Debonair just to name a few.

Personally, Teri has also built a phenomenal personal brand, seeing 1000's of people interact with each of her LinkedIn posts alone. This is because people have fallen in love with the honest depiction of business that Teri shows and has been showing for a while now - documenting many of her milestones.

"It's been good to share my journey through social media to inspire others and to say that despite where you are, you can achieve your dreams."

As the entrepreneur has now got herself to a great stage, Teri is now an advocate for mental health, helping others who may be going through what a teenage Teri was going through.

"I went from selling my car, my belongings and sleeping on the sofa, struggling to make ends meet and battling with my mental health all while trying to believe in myself and I took each day as I came"

Moving forward, we're sure Teri will continue to grow her business and keep reaching higher heights - best of luck Teri!


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