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Meet the Brandpeneur, AKA Joshua Daniel 👋

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Joshua Daniel is a 24 years old digital marketer based in the Netherlands.

"As a fitness enthusiast, I started giving online coaching to mainly students that wanted to live a healthy manageable life without any major restrictions 💪

For this I used social media to promote myself, build a personal brand and create a community. This went well and I quickly realised that creating a personal brand was much more fulfilling to me than online coaching👌

That is when I started #Brandpeneur. A social media marketing agency, as well as a movement that inspires others to live life the way they want to live it. 👏

That is also my biggest tip for anyone who reads this: Live life on your own terms and never let anyone else’s belief or opinion stop you from doing what you want to do 🙌

We live in this amazing era where the Internet connects us all and we all have access to all the knowledge in the world 🌐

We can use that to break the limiting beliefs of earning money from your passion and really start living life the way we want to live ❤️ "



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