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From the manor, to the stages

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

From struggling university students to a successful music group performing and selling out shows - proof as to why you should do what you enjoy!

The trio - Danny Graft, Jonny Dutch & Scotty Stacks - hail from Beckenham (South London).

They started off as university students, attempting to live a normal life, however, that clearly proved not to be for them.

Luckily, they discovered that they all had a real talent for music & thus formed 'The Manor'!

Since the formation, they have released a free mix tape in 2011, followed by 2 more free mix tapes by 2013.

Even though the mix tapes got shown love by the locals, they wasn't really breaking ground in the national market... so the boys had a cunning plan to announce a 'retirement' album in 2015 called 'Don't Do What We Did'.

However, the success of this album reignited The Manor's hunger as the preorders for the album alone boosted the boys to number 5 in the iTunes hip-hop album charts!

From there, it has been crazy... performing at venues such as Koko & Electric Brixton, featuring on Soccer AM and releasing another album in 2016 - 'Weak Days, Strong Nights'.

Currently, The Manor have big plans in the woodwork... they have a BIG headliner planned for early 2018 - we will keep you updated!

Also, Scotty has began a new venture with Taiwanese style street food company, Tiger Bites (@TigerBitesBAO) which opens up shop next week in London!

Whilst you're at it, follow @loudpacking !



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