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How To Qualify VIP Podcast Guests

As the host of a podcast that has a strong, dedicated audience, it can be quite tough to focus on quality over quantity. This means that I'm often declining some of the dozens of people reaching out to me asking to be a guest on my show as I feel they just wouldn't fit the criteria that I call my VIP Criteria .

1: Value
How many unique insights and pieces of advice can they share with my audience?
You can normally get a sense of their value levels by looking at how vague/specific their role is or perhaps by listening to some of the other podcasts they've been on. Putting out consistent episodes with little to no value is a sure-fire way to ruin your podcast's reputation and lose listeners.

2: Influence

How many followers could you gain from this guest?
Now, this sounds harsh but you must remember that podcasting is just like any other business and you should therefore look at how many followers a person has and whether they're willing to share your podcast episode. This will allow you to gauge how many more audience members you could potentially gain from having this person on your show.

3: Presentation
How will this guest present themselves to my audience and will my audience be engaged for an hour?
You can get a good feel for the way somebody will speak on your podcast just by reading their email, if they've used lots of emotive language then it's a good sign that they'll be bubbly and passionate when talking on your show. There's nothing worse than having somebody on who acts like this is their 100th podcast of the day and they can't way to go to bed.

Using my VIP Criteria, you should be able to be more effective and efficient with your guest schedule and be able to increase the impact and reach that your podcast has.

How To Qualify VIP Podcast Guests
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