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If Only They Knew on ITV News

Ted Lawlor appeared on ITV News representing If Only They Knew and talking about young entrepreneurs. After almost half a decade of helping young entrepreneurs enter and grow in the business world, If Only They Knew has been a well-received platform in the UK's business world.
Created by best-selling author and award-winning young entrepreneur Ted Lawlor whilst studying at University, IOTK has evolved from just an Instagram page to an award-winning platform as well as an iTunes Top 5 podcast. From entrepreneurs on BBC's Dragons Den to candidates from The Apprentice, IOTK has featured so many great entrepreneurs on the platform. So it was a great honour to have ITV News get in touch to allow Ted to share his perspective of the ever-changing world of young entrepreneurship.
You can watch part of the feature here:

If Only They Knew on ITV News
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