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Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020

The top 10 young entrepreneurs to watch in 2020 With 2020 well and truly underway, here (in no particular order) are the top 10 young entrepreneurs that you should be keeping your eye on this year. 1. Carrie Rose Hailing from the North of England, Carrie Rose is the owner of 'Rise at Seven', a specialist SEO and Digital PR agency who have worked with the likes of 'Missguided', 'Matalan', 'Halfords' and many others! As well as Carrie's business growing, the entrepreneur's personal brand is soaring, as people love her charisma and bubbliness. 2. Chris Jelev If you've been following 'If Only They Knew' for a while now, you would have seen Chris Jelev (CJ) multiple times across our page. From starting 'CJ Events' to then going on to create 'The Millennials Club' (a group dedicated to running events for young entrepreneurs), Chris has played a crucial part in helping the young entrepreneur scene - hence why he has such a solid 3. Ted Lawlor As the owner of 'If Only They Knew', Ted Lawlor has turned a personal project into a media company that produces content (from Podcasts to articles) with the aim of adding value to the lives of young business minds across the world. Since it's creation in late 2017, the values of the page have remained the same, but the content and branding has excelled rapidly, now in 2020, the company is looking as professional as ever and ready to take the scene by storm. 4. Joe Taylor/Elliott Rayne If you're wondering why 2 people take up this spot, it's because Joe Taylor and Elliott Rayne are the duo behind EJ Events, a premium event planning company that craft bespoke events for brands and individuals. The pair both have a very strong presence on social media, producing constant content and their company has worked with many great clients in the past few months. 5. Omari McQueen Omari McQueen is the young entrepreneur old who creates videos showing his audience how to cook and teaching them about the foods he is using, whilst also being the owner of Dipalicious - a company that sells great sauces. His radiant personality has led to him not only being the UK’s youngest award winning vegan chef, but also appearing in the media multiple times - from Blue Peter to many newspapers. 6. Grace Beverley Despite Grace Beverley’s enormous social media following (1m followers on Instagram alone), the fitness inspiration runs a gym-wear brand called ‘Tala’ (‘We Are Tala’) which is successful but has plenty of room for a lot more growth!
From University graduate to entrepreneur, Grace clearly has the business mind that will more than likely see her evolve even more throughout 2020. 7. Jordan Adelekan Attracting the attention of huge names such at Tulisa, Maya Jama and more, Jordan Adelekan and his clothing brand 'Inspire Dynasty' have deservedly and successfully grown. More recently, Jordan has featured on Medium, which is a good sign that 2020 will be his year. 8. Lucia Aide The lovely Lucia Aide is the founder of 'Simplest Talks', a group that hosts great Podcasts with the aim of inspiring and empowering the audience. The Podcasts are on a roll at the moment, with the episodes (which are filmed) gaining real traction, 2020 looks great for Lucia. 9. Riccardo Iannucci-Dawson As well as being named UK BNB Young Entrepreneur of the year, Riccardo Iannuci-Dawson has been running Yourkeys, a company that he founded in 2017 to help make buying a property as easy an "one-click ordering on Amazon". Yourkeys has seen great success so far, recently reaching a milestone when they recently completed the UK's first fully digitised property purchase, therefore, 2020 will clearly be a great year for Riccardo and his team. 10. Omari Simpson Omari Simpson , AKA Mr ETM, is the owner of 'ETM Apparel', which is based on his current project 'Earn The Muscle' which is a movement that is on the edge of being brought into the world and will have a strong focus on gym and fitness - as Omari is a gym fanatic! There it is, the young entrepreneurs that you should be following this year, each one providing a different form of value in some way.
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Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020
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