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Choose from our selection of powerful 1:1 sessions to help you.

1:1 Session

ADHD Coaching

Fed up of mess & brain fog? I'll provide you with a toolkit to thrive with your ADHD.

Ted Lawlor with Joe Wicks

1:1 Session

How Visualisation can Improve Your Life & Performance

I'll teach you how my visualisation techniques can improve your daily life. 

Breathwork Man

1:1 Session

Guided Breathwork

Press pause on your mind & tap into your primal power with this guided breathwork session.

Breathwork Man 2

1:1 Session

1:1 Focus & Fulfilment Coaching Session

Say goodbye to that lost, empty feeling and let me help you find a daily purpose.

Ted Lawlor with Robert Hisee, the UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist

1:1 Session

Manifesting More

Learn how practical manifestation techniques can improve your life.


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