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If Only They Knew Aditya Mahapatra (Augmentum Media)

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Aditya Mahaptra (Augmentum Media) talks to Ted Lawlor about the latest marketing trends you should be making the most of, how to track your business results and so much more.

If you want to learn how to boost your business to the next level, then this is the podcast for you.

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yes people it's Ted Lawler and welcome back to another episode of the If Only They Knew podcast today we're joined by0:06 our DTR founder of augmentin media who talks about the latest market and Trends and how to track your business's results0:13 so if you want to learn how to boost your business to the next level then this is the podcast for you0:20 they knew0:25 mahapatra and business and Andrews right now from Glasgow originally and what0:31 I've been up to the last uh last year as myself and my co-founder have been0:36 building augmented media which is an influencer marketing agency that is0:41 exclusively working with brands in the health and wellness space who were you0:46 before this like were you one of those people that were was born an entrepreneur as some people say or did0:53 you fall into this industry who who who were you before you started this business yes I mean I've been sitting at1:00 class myself as one of those early entrepreneurs the airless memory I've got of that actually it's quite funny I was1:07 in Tesco one time and then in the reduced style they had like literally 200 boxes I've just was very much1:14 chocolates that were down for like a pound 50 to like eight Pence nine Pence so I remember convincing my mom to grab1:20 everything on that aisle and then the next month I was like literally just adopted our salesman I went around every1:26 door I could find just saying it's for a school project um you know with different flavors this kind of stuff just selling it1:31 door-to-door so that's the airless recollection I've got I must have been about 12 13 maybe wow okay yes I'm most1:39 entrepreneurs do sort of start that route isn't it like what what what do you think it was that made you even1:45 think that because I know that even though I sort of count myself as an entrepreneur like I know at that age I1:51 wasn't really in that mindset like if I would have saw reduced chocolate I probably would have just nicked it anyway I wouldn't have been thinking1:58 about um selling it on so what'd you think gave you that little that little switch inside of you from an early age I was2:05 always quite I wouldn't say motivated but I was quite fascinated by money like everything would just kind of based2:11 around that so I just kind of saw as a chance if I can buy this like 10 pence and then like go around selling it at2:17 even 40. I can make myself a you know I tell you to be some and I'm not thinking you know profit and the bank Investments2:23 I'm thinking a bit of money combine your bike maybe get some sweet Sun have a tea take away this kind of stuff but I think2:29 it's just interesting that from an early age you know I saw chocolate and I'm thinking right how can I how can I profit off this do you think that is2:36 like I know you thought of you you mentioned it there like do you think some people2:41 are just whether they think they're born an entrepreneur or not do you think some people are born with that I guess it's a2:48 gift isn't it that that little thing like that like you said you you don't really know why you thought of it you2:54 just thought of it do you think you have to be born with that little spark inside you or how how do you think that that3:00 comes about I mean so Dee I've never really thought of myself as having any of those gifts that people are just born3:07 with but there are definitely some traits that make you know good entrepreneurs and to be honest I think3:14 that anyone that works hard at it can develop those traits for example a big3:19 thing and the industry obviously is just being really patient for results nothing's gonna happen overnight you3:25 know all of these businesses that people look at and think wow they've grown so fast it's actually been a long kind of3:31 work in the progress and this is where most business Founders they tail off they don't see immediate results and3:37 they think either one is not working I'm just gonna stop or they think two I'm gonna just switch to some of those3:43 completely and they just lose traction and start again and talking of of that traction what was it how did you go from3:51 the kid that saw the opportunity to sell sweets then that massive gap between then and then now what you do like how3:57 how what happened there what was the what was the things that sort of got you on on your journey yeah so it was a very4:04 kind of odd turn of events but it all started I was 15 and one of my passions4:10 was cricket so I've been playing for a few years and then I had to call up I was 15 years old to be part of the4:17 Scotland under 15 Squad so I was playing there and I thought you know what I'm4:23 actually loving this is something that I want to take further I want to do this for a living and at that stage you're4:28 thinking for me to kind of live up the gears progress the big thing to focus on is Fitness Nutrition recovery just4:35 improving yourself in every aspect so I made a really conscious effort to focus on that4:42 um I remember you know Friday night be in the gym whatever eating healthy and it did work you know we saw great4:47 results uh played under 15 under 17 and then after that I got quite a bad injury4:54 never quite made it back but the habits that I formed you know lasted with me until now and it was from that that I5:01 thought I want to give something back to this health and wellness space and throughout all this uh my well the5:07 person that's now my co-founder sambov we had met in the under 15 squads developed a really great friendship over5:13 these shared interests and we thought yeah so we wanted something that is directly in this space working with all5:20 these people and trying the impact that the space had on us it'd be great if we could help other people5:25 experience the same impact and this was the time I think it was late 2021 it was5:31 this time that the Creator economy was starting to pop off it was when kind of uh Jake Paul and both Logan Paul story5:38 and KSI their performance Prime and we saw just how powerful it was when these people that had a social media audience5:45 that influence on social media they were launching brands in completely different spaces but because of this you know5:51 passionate audience that built up they were able to just take that brand from A to Z really really quickly and we5:57 thought you know there's a gap in this market there's no kind of there's no influence in marketing agency that's6:04 working exclusively with health and wellness Brands and this is actually quite a big problem because as a brand6:10 you don't want to just work with any old agency you want to work with someone that understands your mission you know6:16 understand your ethos they get why you're doing what you're doing and they also share your passion for essentially6:22 making the world a healthier place So after talking to kind of lots of brands in the space we noticed that6:28 there's no other agency doing this and we just saw it as being a perfect Market fit with our passion and experience in6:35 the space so you said there you had a you had a passion for the the health before any of this right you had the6:41 passion for the the science and the reasons why and and the nutrition behind everything is that right yeah so6:48 essentially between the years of me being 15 and I guess 17 18 I turned into6:53 a bit of a geek for all this in terms of like the whole Fitness aspects uh you know exercises in the gym7:00 um because I was obviously doing Cricket so functional movements how you can get faster stronger fitter things off the7:07 pitch for example you know what I should be eating to become one of those top performing athletes and then the mindset7:13 aspects of it whether it's meditation whether it's mindfulness goal setting I7:19 just kind of became really really committed to improving in all these spaces and then when the tracker thing7:25 didn't work out I thought I really have enjoyed all these side benefits so how can I take this passion7:31 online and actually make it a business and make a living off of it if it's not playing Cricket yeah how important do7:38 you think it is for people to tap into that passion because I see a lot of people that let's face it they don't7:43 they don't like their their day jobs and and I guess if I had to guess the main reason probably for that is because it's7:50 not related to their passion at all so how important do you think it is for young people especially to tap into that7:56 passion I think it's probably the single most important thing that they can have in life because if you're working on8:03 something that frankly you don't really give a about then honestly it's just not going to work for you I mean8:09 there have been times when me and Samba for what's you know 12 30 in our days but it's not really felt like work8:15 because you're working with something you're passionate about and you're just so focused on making the vision that8:21 you've got you're so focused and making it a reality that you just stop looking at the clock and it's just the case of8:26 how can I get this done and then once that's done it's you know what's next and how is that helping us grow so you8:33 know as a kid actually I always wanted to go into Investment Banking and then over the last two or three years you8:39 know you realize more about doing this for I just just want to make money get rich but actually is the passion there8:45 for that and for me the answer it was just no it's not yeah no I get that and and talking of like the workload I'm a8:52 writing saying shortly after setting this up the the company up you went into uni is that right yeah yeah that's right8:58 so I set the company up when I was in the the latter stages of S6 at school so9:06 then I moved to University and obviously workloaded University taking a part-time9:11 job at University as well to fund the business and just fund daily living costs and then the business of course9:18 itself going to the gym has been a struggle balancing all of this but you9:23 know it's just one of those things that you have to get done and just keep moving with it and just quickly as well I forgot to mention obviously where you9:29 grew up and you mentioned school there was there much of an influence or role9:34 models for you that was anyone else doing this sort of thing or was you was you sort of one of the only ones trying9:40 to pursue an entrepreneurial path I think in my school certainly in my year9:45 I was the only one but because I had my co-founder who was in quite a similar9:51 position he also went to a nearby school and was in a similar position because we9:57 had each other it didn't feel like much of the time and then building off this and building off you know what it just10:03 mentioned our Focus early on was definitely getting into the right Network because what your network is10:09 especially starting out it can be everything and honestly I don't think would still be going if it wasn't for10:15 the network we managed to build up uh quite early on you know you mentioned school10:21 um there was a person two years above me uh certain mean he'd built up a similar10:26 agency in the space thing influencer marketing so I reached out to sir I was like you know I'd love to just chat with10:32 you for you know 10 15 minutes sometimes picked at a 10 minute call went on for about an hour and a half and by the end10:38 of it you know but kind of found ourselves a mentor there it's done everything we've done and was happy to10:43 share the experience and pass on the knowledge they've gained I I laughed then um I don't know whether you know10:49 like I know I know Sue hit so that that was quite that's who I was thinking of because I know obviously you're both10:54 from the same area I should have known each other um but yeah that made me think like it's11:00 quite surreal that that happened that connection but it also shows the importance of showing up like and and11:07 documenting a journey as well because if if super hit wasn't documenting his11:12 journey you may never have known what he was up to and it makes sort of not11:18 necessarily past the Baton down but you get what I'm saying right like it may never have sort of sparked in you to to11:23 ask for advice and then help you get to where you are now so people in a couple years time or perhaps now are actually11:30 probably watching you and you'll have the same impact that had on you and then it would just be like11:37 I mean that that's definitely the the power of building a brand in public I11:43 mean it's often a fine line between kind of you know talking too much about your own exploits but then what I've realized11:50 is that people are genuinely interested in what you're doing they're curious to kind of follow your progress uh your11:56 goals Etc and if you're building a brand in public and the key thing is to make sure you're sharing kind of the wins as12:03 well as the losses it means that people that are in a similar stage of development as you can look at it and12:08 think that they're not allowed in what they're doing there are other people out there that they can reach out to for12:14 support to have as part of their Network and it's quite a key it was definitely a key in our growth and you know it's nice12:20 to think that someday we might be able to have the same influence as someone that suits and Rob with Mack Isaac and12:27 other men to remind that they've had on us and and talking about the actual uh practical steps like how did you get12:34 started then like once you had sort of understood as a market you wanted to get in to you you've got a bit of advice12:39 what were some of the Practical steps say to like get your first client like how did that work yeah I mean of course12:45 the first month to be honest there was no no effort to get clients at all which12:50 was mainly because for us we wanted to understand absolutely everything about the space so that meant literally just12:57 consuming content on influencer marketing Creator economy making sure that before we spoke to clients we knew13:03 exactly what we were doing and then the second part of that was actually just having lots of Zoom calls Google meets13:11 um just discussions with Brands and the space that would be you know future prospects not to try and sign them but13:17 just to understand is there really a demand for what we're doing because when you're starting a business the most important thing is validating13:24 that customer demand because you can it's fine to you know set up a business form the company get a website Etc and13:31 then you realize actually no one wants to buy your service so the key thing for us at first was making sure all these13:37 Brands uh they actually needed us and the solution that we could offer them was one that they'd be interested in13:42 going for yeah no I love that I love that you've done it that way because a lot of people do it the opposite way they and so I've been dealt with this in13:49 the past like because I'm like my background's more marketing I enjoy building the website and building the13:56 fires and building all this like the emails and stuff so I do all of that I do all the promotion before I've even14:02 got the product so I'm glad you do it did it that way um do you have any14:08 do you have any regrets or thoughts on the way that you did it would you go back and change change that process14:14 because it seems like like I said it seems like you've done it like the perfect way I guess to be honest we did14:20 go about the rate we're doing and of course that was because from the start we had kind of mentors in place for14:26 advising us at every stage of the process so once we've done this Market validation again returned to them and it14:32 was you know one of the steps that we now need to take to find clients and then the answers there were one14:38 obviously we spoke about building a brands in public the extension of that is using that public and you know14:45 personal Brands to actually find clients in the space so what we started doing was posting content on marketing14:52 influence and marketing health and wellness four or five times a week on LinkedIn and just attracting our Target14:58 Market on there you know health and wellness Brands we were trying to reach all the key decision makers and kind of15:04 impress them with our content and then have them coming to us as inbound leads them we could then not try and convert15:10 over time and then the second part of this was going to all the kind of trade shows and events so we went to Ife in15:17 March of 2022 and we must have spoke about a thousand health and wellness15:22 Brands there over the course of four or five days and you know from that it was just further learned that there was a15:28 demand for us and you know got a lot of prospects out of it as well it's good to hear that you did it that way you put in15:34 the hard work because a lot of people especially young people given the15:39 generation as well right of of everything instant gratification you go on Tick Tock yeah instant a lot of15:46 people want to put out content but they don't want to put out free content they want to yeah they want15:52 to get paid for it like well I put in a few hours making this content so I should get paid for it whereas what15:58 you're saying I guess is no you put in the few hours yeah that's the best way to do it it doesn't mean that you have16:05 to sort of pay for it let it go out let it go out for free and you'll generate more value and more leads that way I16:12 guess absolutely I mean I think you've hit the nail in the heads with the kind of instant gratification idea but the16:18 thing is you know in the long term especially for you to build a business that is successful16:24 the first few months are not going to bring you you know instant rewards and instant gratification it's more a case16:30 of building a solid kind of foundation a solid base that then after that everything you do is just adding to it16:36 rather than you know kind of building the base as you go and for us with the content our thought process was if we're16:43 giving out all this free advice to Brands all this kind of free value then from their perspective their thinking if16:49 these guys are posting this stuff for free then just imagine what I could get if I actually work with them on a paid16:54 capacity and that's what's kind of held through for us even till now yeah I love that and talking about giving out stuff17:01 for free I'm a writing saying part of the work you do for the client or part of the ideas that you you come up with17:07 and you create one of those ideas was like to to give out free drinks to influencers is that part of of what you17:14 do how does that work yeah so essentially um I think what you're mentioning there is one of our campaign strategies and17:21 that is influencer seating and you know the term has became increasingly popular in the space now and that's because with17:29 especially the the recession kind of coming the big Focus right now at an influencer marketing campaigns and17:34 marketing in general is running campaigns that are authentic and genuine and by this what I mean is if you go to17:41 influencer tomorrow and say you know what I'll give you two grand just make some posts with my products just you17:48 know highlight these aspects of it that's not a very authentic campaign you've told them what to post and they're not really getting their own17:54 message across and the thing is to that influencer's audience this will be so clear so you're not going to see results18:01 from it whereas what we have been doing for the past few months is running seating campaigns where brands are18:07 sending out products to influencers uh no strings attached so the influencer doesn't need to post a return18:14 but what we're doing there is tracking how the influencers engage with it whether they're you know because if18:19 they're putting out content just like that it means that they're truly engaging with the brand and truly buy against their mission and is these18:26 influencers that we then look to Target on the long-term paid capacity basis and talking of that strategy there are like18:32 they're only are there any other strategies that you can talk about like obviously without giving your whole18:37 entire business model away but like other other strategies that companies or18:43 even personal Brands out there um Can Implement because some of the things I've heard over the past year are18:50 like micro influencers are more important yeah personal brand building a community are they still things that are18:57 in place or have they died out as well what's the lands yeah these are all very much in place and the the shift that19:03 we're seeing to working with all these micro Nano influencers is definitely a trend that's going to remain very19:09 relevant in 2023 and again that's just building on the trust and authenticity19:14 aspects as well as engagement because these micro influencers and animal influencers they've been able to build19:21 very close to net communities their followers are you know very close to them close to heart and it's because of19:27 this that these guys they really Drive conversions and as well as this they can be instrumental for Brands to build that19:35 close to that community that kind of passionate audience that will really engage with their products and you know19:41 it's just something that we're going to see a lot more of going forward as well into the year and talking of uh small influences in19:49 terms of seeing results or clients that are easy is to work with is it easier to work19:56 with a smaller client with untapped potential or is it easier or better to20:02 work with a bigger client that already has eyes on the brand like because I know there's that sort of balance you20:07 you the bigger brands have the audience already but it may mean that there is the change may be quite small whereas20:14 the small brands are fresh so it's a whole fresh canvas isn't it so yeah what's your take on that what who's20:20 better or easier to work with yeah I mean that's a great question and obviously we've been able to work at20:26 both ends of the spectrum when we started off the focus was on working with smaller Brands and really building20:32 up case studies testimonials and then recently we've been able to scale to working with big eight figure brands for20:39 example Hunter and gather be brought on are valued at I think you know 8.1 million or something crazy like that so20:45 you know they were a big big client for us um I think in terms of working with them20:51 the main thing for us and it doesn't really come down to the size of the brands but what we've seen20:57 is some brands are just a lot more Hands-On which is great in terms of communication and showing an actual21:03 interest and passion for you know what we're doing for them the best clients we've worked with for example one of our21:09 very first clients they were a startup but because of this their founder he was you know every day if we thanked him21:16 he'd be replying fairly uh quickly anyway showing an act of interest every week and what we were doing the results21:22 were bringing uh ideas for how we could scale you know with him he was very Hands-On with that whereas some other21:29 brands we've worked with it's more just a case of you know leaving at SARS which is fine but then if we want to run21:35 something uh past them and they're taking you know a week two weeks to reply it's not very practical for us to21:41 then scale the campaign and keep going with momentum and speeds and talking of of the results that like how easy is it21:47 to track results because like I said I come from a marketing background as well and sometimes it's hard to sort of21:54 attribute certain acts to certain results because you may put out like say this podcast I may say wow this podcast22:01 amazing I'm going to put it out and then someone owes and buys one of my caps and it's like yeah sometimes it's not easy22:07 to track say well this person watch the podcast then went away on a friend's computer and then bought my cap like22:13 it's so hot sort of like attribute those things so yeah how do you go about tracking results yeah so dragon's22:20 definitely an aspect that many Brands struggle with so what we've kind of done over time is we've built in kind of22:27 tracking materials and resources we can use for example with seeding campaigns we've got a kind of custom spreadsheet22:35 that has every influencer and then we've got automations in place so that if any influencer post content it automatically22:42 logs into the spreadsheet and then it has links to the content as well for Brands to view and then with kind of22:48 more paid campaigns the big thing there for us is using affiliate codes UTM22:53 links all these methods of tracking to ensure that effort influencer is driving sales then we can attribute that to the23:00 influencer because otherwise not just from a Brand's Roi perspective but for23:05 us looking to go forward we need to know which influencers are performing best so that we can put more budget into their23:12 spend and also find influencers who have similar audiences and similar23:17 characteristics because they're more likely to perform better so for this obviously we need to be able to see23:22 which influencers are driving the the higher wise yeah none of that makes sense and you sort of mention it there23:28 about assigning budgets is is marketing almost like a pay-to-play landscape23:37 um because it's something I've been thinking about a lot some of my other guests they've mentioned some of the things they've done in terms of going23:44 viral with with content that's like completely free like one one person23:49 Keelan he's got a company called brownies and I say brownies because that's the that's the name of it that23:55 isn't my list or anything like that um yeah he's got a brownie company um and what he done he put out like a24:01 post saying that he he made a brownies McFlurry and that went viral on LinkedIn24:06 and he got hundreds and hundreds of messages and that was obviously all free so what's your thoughts on that is24:12 marketing a pay-to-play aspect and how much can you do for free24:18 yeah I mean great question but you know what we like to tell clients is that you can actually get involved with very24:24 little or no budget at all for example the great thing about influencer seating is that you're not paying influencers so24:30 it's very easy to get started especially on a kind of low scale um you know start because all your all24:38 your costs are essentially as whatever your manufacturing cost was and I think you know like you're mentioning there24:44 about the tech talk what we are seeing now is an attention economy moving into 2023 and what I mean by this is that24:52 consumer attention is very scarce it's very limited but Brands keep on putting out content there are new brands coming24:58 in every single day and what this means for Brands is that they need to be making a conscious effort to gain25:04 attention and hold on to it you know some great ways of doing this are short form content like you mentioned Tech25:10 talk and then also the other one that we are quite big on Brands using is user25:16 generated content and simply this is is just content which is made by the users of a brand so from the seating campaign25:23 for example if you send across product influencers and then they are reposting25:28 it or making views with it this kind of content is proven to perform so much better because as a consumer you would25:36 rather see another consumer sharing and documenting their experiences with the brands rather than just a video of a25:42 brand saying to you this is our products this is what it does etc etc you want to see exactly how someone that was once in25:50 your place how they're benefiting from it and that's that's really useful for for myself and my audience as well I imagine25:57 in in terms of other strategies like what would you suggest so26:03 for for smaller Brands and perhaps perhaps a bit of a left-filled one but like for personal Brands who may not26:09 have a physical product to to to send out to people say like what platforms26:14 what processes do you think they should be doing is it like sort of like you mentioned there about Tick Tock and reels is it just putting out content26:21 content content yeah I mean I think it's definitely a mix when it comes to Quality and quantity but like you've26:29 mentioned especially for a personal plan going forwards this year I think the short form content space will be massive26:35 it's something that you know myself I'm looking to start rolling out more and more but the thing a bit short from26:41 content is you know it's not very long it captivates attention and people can26:46 flick through it really easily so because of this um you can re-watch a certain piece of content a lot of times and then on Tech26:53 talk especially the algorithm just kind of shoots that to the top so I think for anyone looking to make a personal brand27:00 short form content is a must and then if you're looking to build a brand from what kind of business reasons or27:07 entrepreneurship reasons platforms such as LinkedIn are where you need to be uh just kind of posting value on there you27:14 know whatever your target audience is you need to think what kind of problems will my target audience be experiencing27:20 and how can I solve them so for example what we've done at the start of this year was had conversations with bigger27:27 brands in our space uh seven figure eight figure Brands and we spoke to them saying what problems are you guys27:33 worried about in 2023 and what goals do you have in 2023 and based off their27:38 responses to this we formulated our content strategy which was designed to essentially Target these problems so27:45 that anyone seeing our content uh they kind of knew how we could help them and what problems we could tell themselves I27:53 love that and talking to content you're definitely making this easy for me like the way you speak is so accurate and27:59 precise like I understand exactly what you're saying so these these will make really good Clips to go out online as28:04 well so thank you um the final few things like let's do a28:10 quick fire around if you don't mind yeah of course the first quick fire question what would your one piece of advice be28:16 for young entrepreneurs honestly what cards like it can be very tempting sometimes to you know just have lazy28:23 days and that's fine have have one but the main thing is you need to build momentum so just try and strain together28:30 things like if you are focusing on going to the gym every day for example try and string together two and then three and28:36 then four and then once you've built that momentum it's just so much easier to carry on with it so whether it's28:41 meditation whether it's going for a code dip in the sea or a cold plugs like I said that you've been doing the main28:47 thing is uh consistency with it just make it a habit to do it every single day and then don't look back after it28:53 yeah I love that and I'm glad you uh called me out on that because yeah that's definitely something I've I've been trying to do as well just show up29:00 every day and if you've got to take one day off do it but then come back the next day absolutely yeah I loved it29:06 um the second one who are some of your favorite favorite creators or entrepreneurs out there at the moment29:13 um I know you said you was on LinkedIn so I don't know whether you've seen anyone in particular on LinkedIn but yeah who are some of your favorite29:20 um creators and entrepreneurs yes in terms of entrepreneurs the motor role29:25 models are absolute Inspirations to me so that would be so I mean obviously we spoke about and he's basically built up29:32 a seven-figure agency in our space and then the other one is Robbie mcisaac who basically I met him through a summit but29:39 his mindset and his kind of Drive the termination to work well is something that's played a big part in me kind of29:45 having the same attributes and I'd say to any other young entrepreneur out there your mindset is basically what's29:52 going to make a break the dream for you because you need to be able to put a long days of hard work you need to be able to just get done even when you29:59 don't want to do it and honestly Robbie's you know one of the best people for that in fact it was on Dragon's Den30:05 like you know two or three days ago and last night actually it was on Dragon's Den so incredibly proud of him for that30:11 that's amazing I'm gonna check that out I think I may have seen a little clip on yeah earlier so I'm gonna I'm gonna30:16 definitely check out that absolutely oh that's amazing um is there anyone you sort of touched30:21 on it there is there anyone you'd like to thank I guess those would be the two right yeah I mean the big one that I've30:27 not mentioned yet but obviously have to be my parents I mean I'm very very fortunate that my parents30:34 are so kind of supportive of what I'm doing um my mom especially is just even with30:40 the cricket stuff when I was 15 I was playing for Scotland so I was you know going halfway across the country and you30:46 know my mom would just be like yeah let's find out I'll drive you no problem so two or three hour Journey should certain way they will a play come back30:52 and then even when it comes to just basic stuff for example I'd go to the gym come home you know nice hot meal was31:00 ready chicken rice she doesn't even eat chicken but because I wanted it for the nutrition she was31:05 like yes that's fine I'll cook it for you so yeah I mean they played a massive part in this and then my co-founder31:11 samboth like I cannot I couldn't be doing this alone to be honest and I guess that just goes to say to everyone31:17 else out there that's looking to start uh having the right co-founder can be what makes or breaks it for you as well31:23 because the Ruby days where you just can't work you're just you know not31:28 feeling it at all and then having a co-founder there to either help you out or just push you on Spar you or motivate31:34 you it is literally one of the the biggest benefits that you can have in a business and finding the the right31:40 co-founder is I think it's crucial yeah no 100 I agree with that one without my co-founder and one of my other31:46 businesses I would have quit a long time ago you just need someone to keep you accountable to check in at 100 yeah31:54 and what a couple last Quick buyers what what's one thing you wish you knew at an32:01 earlier stage obvious see my show is called If Only They knew so that's a question I think about a lot so what's32:07 one thing you wish you knew I mean I mean sometimes I wish there had been more clear than earlier on about the32:12 whole kind of discipline and perseverance aspects like over the last year I've been reading a lot of seller32:18 development books and sometimes I just wish that it got started earlier for anyone that's looking to do this is very32:25 easy like even simple books such as you know Seven Habits of Highly Effective People or mindset by carlswick these are32:32 all great books for error looking to start out in the space and just keep on building from there because what I found32:38 is that instead of making mistakes yourself and learning from them if you can just read and consume as much32:45 knowledge as you can you'll learn from the mistakes of others and you just won't repeat them yeah no 100 I agree32:50 with that one as well I've agreed with everything you've said so far um the last last couple what is the32:57 meaning of life to you now this is a question that's thrown a few people off so far in this season but yeah that's a33:03 deep question um for me it's definitely not something33:09 that I've you know sat and thought about but at the moment I guess looking back33:15 in 10 years time I'd have wanted to make this a successful business and then oh honestly I'd love to just have something33:21 that positively impacts people so whether they're starting a health awareness brand of my own something that33:27 we're very very passionate about right now is just kind of giving back so we've got plans in place to run some charity33:33 events and kind of increase the impacts we're having whether that is working with some Charities on a kind of pro33:39 bono basis stuff like that we're very keen to look into doing that as well I33:45 mean I know everyone says this but I think at the end of the day we all just want to leave some kind of Legacy behind33:50 and just something that we can be remembered by and 4B that is leaving behind something positive and33:57 like so it's like like for obviously if I can Inspire even one more young entrepreneur to just go for it and take34:03 the plunge then that's a successful day for me that's amazing I really like that answer what what's next for you then in34:10 terms of working towards that Legacy is there anything in the pipeline for for say the next few months the next few34:16 years what's next well from a business perspective we've got a few events coming up so we'll come back to Ife in34:23 March and an event called performix where we're looking to just again meet uh hundreds of Brands uh hopefully work34:30 with a few of them and from our personal aspect I'm really big on just continuing the the self-development and kind of34:38 just getting better one percent every day and a dream of mine that I've started actively working on now this34:44 year as well as I'm looking to launch a book towards the end of the year just34:49 kind of containing you know stuff on mindset motivation young entrepreneurship just kind of34:54 documenting all my experiences some life hacks some you know actionable pieces of35:00 advice that other young people can take and just take the first step so I've set35:05 the timeline for around start of December I'm just looking forward to cracking on with that as well yeah that35:12 does sound really exciting and the good thing about being a podcast host is you get all these young entrepreneurs on and35:18 then you get to sort of understand who they are and then grow as well so yeah I'll be excited to watch your journey35:24 the very very final thing then from me um what have you got a final message to35:29 anyone listening or if not where can people find out more about you and your company yeah I mean final message after35:36 is kind of any young entrepreneur out there then the two things that I'd say to them is one find the right Network35:44 because if your network is dragging you down and by Network here I mean the people that you surround yourself with35:49 on a daily basis if they're dragging you down you know they've got bad habits then that will rub off in you I know as35:56 a person I was the same I always wanted to think that I'm strong enough that my environment won't affect me but the36:03 truth of it is if your friends are going out every single night drinking you know not doing anything productive then that36:08 is what you'll turn into so you need to surround yourself with other high value individuals whose other people that have36:14 the same goals same aspiration same motivation and then that will play a massive part in you reaching yours and36:20 uh yeah I mean Freddie was looking to find me LinkedIn is probably a good uh good place for that36:27 so it's just a DTR Aditya mahapatra on LinkedIn and I'm always happy to chat to36:33 anyone that reaches out there perfect it's been an absolute pleasure having you on mate I really appreciate your36:39 time as well as well so I'm going to watch this back afterwards and make some notes for36:44 myself it's really going to help me so thank you so much appreciate that thanks for having me on appreciate that English (auto-generated)



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