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If Only They Knew Carina Lepore, The Apprentice 2019 Finalist

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Who is Carina Lepore?

Carina Lepore is the 30 year old candidate on The Apprentice 2019 and the owner of Dough Bakehouse.

Most of the other candidates are confident that they will be Lord Sugar’s next business partner, but Carina believes it’s “written in the stars” that Lord Sugar will want a slice of the ‘Dough’ pie.

Baking runs in Carina’s family, with her father running a Bakehouse for many years, sadly the original Bakehouse was closed in 2015 and was resurrected and transformed in 2018 by Carina and her sister.

Today, Dough Bakehouse stands proudly in Herne Hill (South London) with a small but great team who have helped build a great brand reputation within their community.

Carina says that standing at 5 foot 1, she is a “pocket rocket” that shouldn’t be messed with! So far in the series, we have seen Carina briefly come head to head with Lottie Lion and successfully shut the lioness down - only time will tell who the Queen of the jungle is.

Speaking to If Only They Knew, Carina shared some advice that the entrepreneur wish she knew at an earlier stage, stressing the importance of knowledge and overcoming doubt.

Read more books! The power of knowledge is something I only gathered in my adult life! Books are cheap and can fulfill you and give you the knowledge others take years to learn or don’t learn at all!

Secondly, don’t hold back! If you believe it and feel it then go for it, don’t doubt yourself, don’t overthink - put yourself out there! Take risks. If you’re successful then great if not, then you’ll learn!

As The Apprentice 2019 is not yet finished, we are unsure of Carina’s progress in the series, but one thing that is certain is Carina’s determination.

In the next 5 years I plan on having a successful chain of my bakehouses serving neighbourhoods and community positive vibes and great coffee throughout London and the uk even! #goodvibesonly 🤟🏼😝


Thank you Carina for speaking to If Only They Knew and we wish you the best of luck in the future!

You can keep up to date with Carina’s journey by following:

@CarinaLepore1 - Instagram

@CarinaLepore - Twitter

@DoughBakehouse - Instagram & Twitter

Similarly, you can view all of our interviews with The Apprentice candidates as well as more great business content, by following:

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