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If Only They Knew Mark Wong, Founder of IMPOSSIBREW

Find out more about Mark Wong, Founder of IMPOSSIBREW.

Mark Wong is the 24-year-old entrepreneur that came to the public's attention thanks to his appearance on BBC's Dragons Den where he was pitching his non-alcoholic beer brand IMPOSSIBREW.

The young entrepreneur gave a good account of himself on the show but did not manage to secure the £50,000 investment that he was after.

The idea of IMPOSSIBREW grew after Mark's love of beer was stopped in its tracks as a health implication meant that he had to stop drinking, because of this, he created his own non-alcoholic beer that has smart vitamins in the form of nootropics and has naturally relaxing side effects.

Despite not receiving an investment on the show, Mark saw his sales grow rapidly just 2 hours after the episode aired on the BBC, with sales exceeding Mark's initial forecast for the whole of 2022.

To share his advice for other young entrepreneurs, Mark spoke to Ted Lawlor on the If Only They Knew Podcast:



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