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Molly Masters Enters The Dragon's Den

Books That Matter is an award-winning company from Bristol that delivers unique experiences to your door filled with empowering stories, sustainable gifts, and delicious treats, all with a focus on uplifting female writers.

The brains behind the book business is Molly Masters, University of Sussex student that created the brand in her dorm.

After years of obligatory study of a male curriculum, she was finally introduced to a myriad of diverse female writers. There was a demand to hear their stories, but very few platforms gave them a voice to do so.

For this very reason, Molly decided to create Books That Matter.

Molly will appear on BBC's Dragon's Den on March 10th.

In the leadup to the show, Molly says " The past two years have been crucial to Books That Matter’s growth, having quadrupled in size. I spent the lockdown period rewatching old episodes in the Den for inspiration, and I couldn’t have ever imagined facing the Dragons, but of course, we leapt at the chance and it offered the ideal opportunity to catapult our business. We’re ecstatic to now have the opportunity to tell more people about what we do and promote diverse feminist literature to the masses.”

Books That Matter has more than quadrupled in size since 2020 and now boasts over 66 thousand in their online community, and brings empowering, feminist literature to three to four thousand monthly subscribers.

"Throughout the pandemic, we have stayed true to our mission whilst diversifying our offering, the growth we’ve experienced has been unsurmountable and with our Den appearance, we are looking towards 2022 with even wider eyes. As a business run by, led by, and serving women, we are honoured to have experienced such success and continued growth."

You can watch Molly face the Dragons on March 10th.



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