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Chris Jelev, the party plug!

Who is Chris Jelev? Chris Jelev, 18, is not an ordinary uni' student.
Whilst studying, the entrepreneurial mindset of Chris kicked in... from trying his hand at selling sweets in school to noticing the market for party goers. He realised he could capitalise on the party scene by putting on successful events under @cjevents_
One of the stand out events was a boat party in Feb' 2016!
Since then, a total of 8 (very successful) events have been put on by the entrepreneur.
The young entrepreneur told IOTK that he'd love to grow his event empire, diving into worlds such as football tournaments and even boxing fights! Another goal is to throw a festival of some kind, perhaps in the summer with water guns, bouncy castles & alcohol - that sounds like a whole lot of fun. There are also ideas of creating an award ceremony for entrepreneurs! IOTK asked whether anyone can be an 'entrepreneur'. He said that some people are given the DNA, but that can only take you so far... the rest of the journey comes from your environment and the work you do. His advice for young entrepreneurs is to keep their main focus simple, be nice to EVERYONE! Today, Chris runs the "Millennial Club" (@MillennialsClub_) which is a society for young entrepreneurs to network, share their ideas and work with each other on their projects. "Always have a clean heart"
"Before businessmen, we're human" - Chris Jelev.

Chris Jelev, the party plug!
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