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If Only They Knew Camilla Ainsworth - The Apprentice 2018 Finalist

Meet Camilla Ainsworth, The Apprentice 2018 Finalist

Camilla Ainsworth is the 22 year old from Lancashire that was 1 of 16 competing for the opportunity to become Lord Sugar’s Apprentice in 2018's series of The Apprentice.

The Apprentice UK 2018 finalist Camilla Ainsworth

Who is Camilla Ainsworth?

Camilla Ainsworth came to the British public's attention in 2018 after appearing on The Apprentice and battling her way through to the finals, coming 2nd place - with Sian Gabbidon taking the crown and most importantly, Lord Sugar's investment.

However, speaking on Mike Winnet's podcast, Camilla admitted that she's glad she didn't win as the entrepreneur had spent months of pro-active work and had independently invested into Mylk Plus, so by the time the finals came around, Camilla had set up strong foundations.

"I didn't actually want his investment at that stage - I didn't need it. When I didn't win, I was quite happy about it as you get full control"

As well as having the business foundations set and the exposure of the show, the Mylk Plus founder also suggested that despite his success and business acumen, having Lord Sugar on board just wouldn't have been the right fit for her as not only did he not get Camilla's cheeky branding, but it would also slow down the reactiveness of the business.

"He didn't really get the brand. When you're having to explain what sass is to a 73 year old, it's just not going to work - but ultimate respect to him."

It's important to know that in business, not every opportunity is the right fit.

But what was the origin story of Mylk Plus?

Whilst working on a dairy farm in Australia, Camilla discovered her intolerance to dairy after coming up in rashes. This immediately sparked her entrepreneurial brain as the young farmer realised she had just spotted a gap in the market as she knew she could provide a new dairy-free drink that would stand out from the competition.

So it wasn't long before Camilla took to the kitchen to create a low-sugar drink made from nut juice - yes, really. Using nuts such as almonds and cashews, the young entrepreneur had managed to create what we now know today as Mylk Plus.

To add her own individual flare to the product, the Northern entrepreneur used a bright pink branding a cheeky graphics to truly make the brand distinct from the boring competition.


Interview with Camilla Ainsworth

If Only They Knew spoke to Camilla to get her advice for other young entrepreneurs.

"My best advice for those getting involved in business is to take calculated risks, take advice and read books to inspire you.

I also think that you need to make sacrifices in order to make progress, you need to be passionate about the business you’re starting and therefore you need to eat, sleep and breathe it".

"Good things happen to those who hustle, not to those who wait! Don’t wait around expecting success to happen, you have to MAKE it happen”

In 5 years time, Camilla sees herself “fuelling the the dairy free juggernaut further and being the CEO of the leading dairy free company in the UK“

“I will be in supermarkets nationwide and will hopefully have a range of dairy free gourmet desserts/ nut based facial scrubs! I would also love to become an angel investor in young people’s companies who’s ideas resonate with me and need capital to get off the ground! I love to support local businesses and young people in business”



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